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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Classic Games: Flashback

Another World was one of the classic video games. After its success, everybody expected for a second game. But developers disappointed us and a second game wasn't designed. But one day a friend of mine came and told me that Another World 2 was released. It was my happiest day. I got dressed immediately and went to buy it. I bought it, bring it home and put the floppy disk into the Amiga. I saw the main screen and I was shocked. It wasn't Another World 2! That game's name was FLASHBACK. I was disappointed. But after I had played it couple of hours, I couldn't believe what I saw.

There weren't much games at old times. Games were released once or twice a month and five or six of them were hits. Flashback was absolutely one of them. Ok but what was the story? Year is 2124, Planet Titan. An agent named Conrad was kidnapped by some aliens and his memory was deleted by them. You are taking control of Conrad at this point. You have to escape and save the planet from that aliens.

Some gamers call this game Another World 2 but it's not true. But they have some reasons for that. Flashback is very similar to Another World and they were designed by the same developers. Flasback starts in the prison that you are kept in. After you escape, your ship is hit by aliens and you find yourself in a jungle. Game's mechanics were very successful. It was so fun to control Conrad. Running, jumping, shooting with your gun.. Everything looked very realistic with motion capture technique.

Flashback is a futuristic game. Character and enemy graphics look very good but there are not much enemy kinds. You just face with some robots and aliens. But this is not a problem because Flashback's adventure part is better. There are some places that you can't reach with codes or keys, so you need to complete the quest that NPCs gave you. But there are also some exciting action parts in the game.

Flashback's graphics and audio were very successful. It has achieved a great success and it was released for almost all platforms. If you like action adventure games and looking for a game like Another World, Flashback is your game. It's absolutely one of the classic computer games.

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