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Saturday, December 29, 2012

BALDUR'S GATE Enhanced Edition Review: What's new?

baldurs gate enhancedGenre : RPG
Developer : Overhaul Games
Publisher : Beamdog
Platform : PC
Release Date : 28.11.2012
Web :

There are some books that you read again and again. And everytime you read, you notice something different that you couldn't before. BioWare's RPG, a legend game, Baldur's Gate is that kind of a game. You can't actually finish it even though you play it many times. Finally, that classic modified role playing game is released. Intro movie is not changed but it's good to return that lands.

It's Enhanced Edition of a 14 years old game, of course gamers have some expectations. It makes you feel like you play a new version of the game with new graphics(I think it's normal to expect that after playing the Metal Gear Solid HD. But I was disappointed when I entered the graphic settings. Because there is no option but Full Screen. When you enter the game, you won't see any soft animation or different background. Only changes about graphics are higher definition textures, a better resolution that provides a wider field of view and better spell effects.

legend game
It's said that developers fixed more than 400 bugs and issues. Maybe it's true, but it seems that there are other new bugs in the game. Anyway, interface is cleaned and it looks better with new graphics. Maybe the most complained feature of Baldur's Gate was the inventory system and I can't say that there is much changes about this. But there are still some little changes with the advantage of high resolution. We have more slots and hints in inventory system. With the help of these hints and dice rolling system, it's easier to understand the effectiveness of weapons to enemies.

That was the technical part of the game but what about the content? First of all, there is a new game mod named Black Pits. In this mode, a maniac, Baeloth, puts you in a gladiator arena. It's a 15 rounds long survival battle and it gets harder after every round. It's so much fun. You can try to get high-end rigs in Black Pits shop after gaining enough experience and gold. The best thing about this mode is that it makes you get used to Baldur's Gate's complicated and hard fighting system. Especially gamers that are new to Baldur's Gate should practice in Black Pits. When an old game comes out with a new version, it generally become easier and less detailed. But there is no differences in Baldur's Gate's detailed game system. Good job Overhaul Games!

baldurs gate enhanced edition reviewThere are three new characters, Neera, Dorn II-Khan and Rasaad yn Bashir. Neera is a powerful mage and her spells really hurt. Dorn II-Khan is a half-orc blackguard who always complains. Rasaad yn Bashir is a a monk who likes tatoos. All these three characters have brand new missions for you. Actually Baldur's Gate is one of the longest games ever and it becomes longer with that extra missions.


OK, there are new characters, storyline and fixes for bugs. But is it worth to buy this Enhanced Edition for 20$, while the old version is in for 10$? Actually people expect something different when they see Enhanced Edition title. Also is the only place you can buy the game. If it was sold in Steam, it would be better with unlockable achievements. But it's still better to play Baldur's Gate with wider screen, better graphics and without bugs.

If you call yourself a RPG gamer and haven't played Baldur's Gate yet, you... Wait a minute, are you serious? Do not think and play it! It's a good opportunity to play this "legend". But if you have already played it, there are not much differences to see.

Positive :
  • The Black Pits game mode
  • New characters
  • This game is a legend and it's always fun to play it

Negative :
  • Inventory system is still the same
  • No graphic options
  • There are not much changes actually
SCORE : 8/10

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