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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 4

Jamie's Revenge 2


2d platform gamesJamie is a dog and wants to take her revenge. And she runs, jumps, collects the steaks and kicks her enemies' asses to do that. It has everything that you expect from a 2D platform game. Jumping, running on the walls and reaching the finish point as soon as possible. Game has 7 different worlds and 23 levels. But actually they don't look much different because you usually do the same things(in some levels you use a skateboard and swing with a rope, nothing else). But in my opinion, it's still a successful game, considering it was created by a single developer. So it deserves some respect.

Positive : It's an ordinary 2D platform game but it's fun. Mario fans should try it.
Negative : Doing the same things could be boring.

Agent Trinity


best free downloadable gamesDo you want to be an agent who is made of a few pixels? Don't worry, it will be just for 6 minutes, maybe less. As Agent Trinity, your mission is to prevent a war and you have to do this in just 5 or 6 minutes. Let me tell you how; President of United States needs two hours and you have to get to the clock and set it back two hours. But that won't be easy. You must not be seen by enemies. And your only friends when you do that is the dark places which are look black like you. If you get there and wait, your enemies won't see you and go away. Sometimes you might be caught when you try to open a door but you can start again from the last checkpoint. It's a free little game that you need to think fast. It's free to try.

Positive : Don't you belive a game that was designed with a few pixels could be fun? It's the proof.
Negative : If graphics are the most important thing for you, stay away from this game.

Deep Sleep

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browser based gamesA horror game must be dark, realistic and must has scary sounds. But a developer named Scriptwelder proves that a game could be scary without being realistic. After falling asleep, you see your house changes and transforms to a scary place. You start to walk around in that ruinous house and try to wake up. Game has good surprises and atmosphere that could make you nervous. Deep Sleep is not a downloadable game, it's a browser-based game. But I wanted to share it with you because it's very successful for a browser game. Also it has a walkthrough in game's page. It's highly recommended for horror games fans.

Positive : Scary for a simple browser game. If you like horror games, you should play it.
Negative : It's not downloadable.

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