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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MODERN COMBAT 4: Zero Hour Review

best fps game for iphone

Genre : FPS

Developer : Gameloft

Platform : iPhone, iPad, Android

Web :

As the processor capacities of mobile devices are improved, we are able to play FPS games on those devices. But because of some controlling issues, there is still not a quality FPS game. Modern Combat 4 is also not a high quality FPS... You are able to put the control buttons wherever you want on the screen but unfortunately, we have only two thumbs to push that buttons. Also we need to use our thumbs to hold the device, to walk and for the camera, so controlling the character is not easy. I spent my first hours to make the game's controls better. And I think I have found the best option: Use the motion sensor and play it standing up. It can make you feel like playing a "virtual reality" game.

Modern Combat is a sequel as you know and honestly, I haven't played previous games, just heard about them. I liked its graphics and effects, actually, they are great. If you have a friend who believes mobile devices are not good for gaming, show him/her Modern Combat 4. Particle effects, physics engine, audio, explosions and other many things look great. Of course old iOS devices have a limited processor capacity, so it's not as good as a new PC game, but I think in a near future, there will be some opponents of Call of Duty.

best iphone fpsLet's talk about the story. Story continues from the end of the previous game. A psychopath named Page is a terrorist who is a threat for the world and Blake is a soldier who is chasing Page. You will control both of them. Page's purpose is to kidnap the US President, destroy the country and shout: "Blow the fascists' heads off!!". Actually it's very funny for a man who was tired of the hegemony of western world and became a terrorist. That shows us developers didn't work hard on the story. But graphics, audio and great multiplayer modes make you don't think about the 6 hours long story.

The story is very important for me but I played the multiplayer mode and saw that Modern Combat 4 is as successful as its opponents. 8 different game modes, multiplayer matches with up to 12 players, Kill-Streak attacks, lots of upgrades... You will enjoy the multiplayer, that's for sure. But if you are not used to playing FPS games on mobile devices, it's possible to be kicked in your ass by experienced players. Maybe there could be a league of beginners. But I can say that I became more successful after starting to play it standing up.

fps games on iphoneIn conclusion, Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is still not good enough about AI and story. But graphics, audio and multiplayer modes are its strongest features. There are some issues about controls but you can play better by using the technique I told you. Finally, Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour is the best FPS game that you can play on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Positive :

  • Great multiplayer modes
  • Graphics and audio are very successful for a game for mobile devices.

Negative :

  • Story is not very successful.
  • It may take hours to get used to controls.

SCORE : 8,8/10

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