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Monday, December 24, 2012

What Is Beta and Alpha Game Testing?

jobs in the game industryI've told you about video game testing before. If you play your cards right, game testing could be a serious job. But of course you won't start your game testing job as a master. You will probably be a beta game tester if it's your first job in the game industry. Ok, but what are beta and alpha game testings? What's the difference between them?

As a beta game tester, you will get paid to test games that are near the completion. But if it's a public beta test for online games, you don't even get paid to test them. Also you might not even keep the game in some public tests. And of course as a beta tester, you will get paid maybe less than 10$ an hour. You should improve you reputation and experience to be able to get paid higher and to test video games for a living. But be willing to work for cheap in your first testing job. It will be your first step into the game industry.

So who is an "Alpha Tester"? Alpha gamers play and test the games that aren't fully developed. Developers hire alpha testers when they make the first playable version of their game. Alpha video game testers are more important people in video game testing industry than beta testers. They are more involved in the video game testing and of course they get paid much more.

Which games require alpha testers?

Of course high budget games need to be tested by alpha testers. Because high budget games can afford the alpha testers' payments that are much more than beta testers'. That ensures a high quality game because releasing a game with full of bugs would cost developers millions.

So which games require beta testers?

Actually beta video game testers are required for every game. Like I said before, beta game testers are hired by developers when a game is almost finished. Some developers outsource beta testing and it depends on game's budget again. But you can find developers with a high budget and make a good money. All you need to do is searching diligently.

What should I tell them in my application?

First of all you should know that; Developers won't pay you to make you play their game and have fun. Your purpose will be finding bugs. It's not about your expectations, it's about what developers expect from you. Get there and make them believe that you can do this!

How to find alpha and beta testing jobs?

Building a relationship in game industry is important. So find the person who is in charge of hiring and contact him for the job. Contact people in that positions and show them what you can do. Also making a list of game companies and checking their webpages regularly are what you should do.

If you have difficulties finding video game testing jobs, there is a site you can have a look. It's a database of available gaming jobs and very useful. You don't have to search for them because this site shows you all available jobs. Find your job in this site and start your game tester career!

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