Run for your life! You won't be able to stop playing. Modern Combat 4 is definitely the best FPS game for mobile devices. The Last Of Us is one of the strongest nominee for the 'game of the year' title of 2013. The return of the old school spirit! Ready your Plasma Cutter, Isaac is coming back!

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Classic Games: Nocturne

classic video gamesAfter the disappointment of Clive Baker's Jericho, I searched my archives to find a scary video game and I saw Nocturne. It's a horror game which was released in 1999 and looks like Resident Evil(In my opinion, it's scarier than Resident Evil). In 1999, horror games were very popular by the effect of Resident Evil. Many of them looked same and we've already forgotten some of them. But Nocturne is not one of them. It's a high quality game that you can play even today with pleasure. Game atmosphere really takes you in. It makes you feel like something could happen anytime. Also there is a sign on the game's box that tells you not to play the game if you have a weak heart.

Game begins at the beginning of 20th century. The main character is a cool looking agent named "Stranger". He works for a secret organization named Spookhouse that investigate paranormal events and murders. Game has 4 parts and all that parts are very interesting and different from each other. You fight against many enemies such as werewolves, vampires, zombies and demons. All of them are designed very well.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

BALDUR'S GATE Enhanced Edition Review: What's new?

baldurs gate enhancedGenre : RPG
Developer : Overhaul Games
Publisher : Beamdog
Platform : PC
Release Date : 28.11.2012
Web :

There are some books that you read again and again. And everytime you read, you notice something different that you couldn't before. BioWare's RPG, a legend game, Baldur's Gate is that kind of a game. You can't actually finish it even though you play it many times. Finally, that classic modified role playing game is released. Intro movie is not changed but it's good to return that lands.

It's Enhanced Edition of a 14 years old game, of course gamers have some expectations. It makes you feel like you play a new version of the game with new graphics(I think it's normal to expect that after playing the Metal Gear Solid HD. But I was disappointed when I entered the graphic settings. Because there is no option but Full Screen. When you enter the game, you won't see any soft animation or different background. Only changes about graphics are higher definition textures, a better resolution that provides a wider field of view and better spell effects.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Product Review: Smart PC Fixer

registry cleanerEvery year, we play games with better graphics by the effect of improving technology. So better graphics need a better system. But every game that you install and uninstall to your computer leaves some "waste" data into your hard disk drive. And because of that datas, your computer runs slower. At this point, Smart PC Fixer will be your best friend. You can make your PC run faster again and optimize it by using this product.

Smart PC Fixer is a very useful program that you can download and use to solve your PC problems. You can use it to clean the registry, defrag your harddisk, fix the system errors, make your PC faster on startup and optimize it. That issues are common for almost every computer user, so having a PC fixer like Smart PC Fixer is very important for a better PC performance. Of course your PC's game performance will improve as it gets healthy.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What Is Beta and Alpha Game Testing?

jobs in the game industryI've told you about video game testing before. If you play your cards right, game testing could be a serious job. But of course you won't start your game testing job as a master. You will probably be a beta game tester if it's your first job in the game industry. Ok, but what are beta and alpha game testings? What's the difference between them?

As a beta game tester, you will get paid to test games that are near the completion. But if it's a public beta test for online games, you don't even get paid to test them. Also you might not even keep the game in some public tests. And of course as a beta tester, you will get paid maybe less than 10$ an hour. You should improve you reputation and experience to be able to get paid higher and to test video games for a living. But be willing to work for cheap in your first testing job. It will be your first step into the game industry.

So who is an "Alpha Tester"? Alpha gamers play and test the games that aren't fully developed. Developers hire alpha testers when they make the first playable version of their game. Alpha video game testers are more important people in video game testing industry than beta testers. They are more involved in the video game testing and of course they get paid much more.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 4

Jamie's Revenge 2


2d platform gamesJamie is a dog and wants to take her revenge. And she runs, jumps, collects the steaks and kicks her enemies' asses to do that. It has everything that you expect from a 2D platform game. Jumping, running on the walls and reaching the finish point as soon as possible. Game has 7 different worlds and 23 levels. But actually they don't look much different because you usually do the same things(in some levels you use a skateboard and swing with a rope, nothing else). But in my opinion, it's still a successful game, considering it was created by a single developer. So it deserves some respect.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Any News From Half Life 3?

Who is G-Man? When will Gordon Freeman talk? Or Gordon doesn't need to talk as Gabe Newell said? What about Alyx? Will we be able to control her in the next game? What's the connection between Half Life and Portal? What's in the Borealis?

As you see, there are a lot of questions in our heads about Half Life series. But maybe the biggest question is when will we see Half Life 3? In spite of thousands of questions about the next Half Life game, Gabe Newell and Valve team don't give us any clue.

There are many possibilities and rumors. Maybe Valve canceled the Episode 3 and started to develop Half Life 3. Or maybe they decided to create Source 2 Engine before developing the next game. As you might remember, there were some rumors like that. Because Source Engine is an old one now. As you know, there was a graphical revolution between Half Life and Half Life 2. Maybe Valve want to that again for the third game. And there is another possibility here, new generation consoles! Also according to a rumor, it will be a "Open World" game.

Friday, December 21, 2012

FAR CRY 3 Review: Welcome To The Island

far cry 3 reviewGenre : FPS
Developer : Ubisoft
Publisher : Ubisoft
Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Web :

Let's get back to 10 years from now. Most of the games, which are released now, were not even in development phase. A German game company named Crytek was new in game industry. When they had first announced their first game, Far Cry, they attracted a big attention. Everybody was waiting for this game. After Far Cry was released, it was sold 750.000 units within 4 months. They've created their own game engine and used this engine for other games too. Actually Far Cry series is not a success story for Crytek.

Crytek and Ubisoft developed the first Far Cry together but Ubisoft acquired all rights to the game. So Crytek focused on their new game, Crysis. In 2008, Ubisoft released Far Cry 2 but it wasn't liked much by gamers because of some bugs and glitches. Far Cry 2 came out with a new character, new gameplay dynamics, weapon system and other things but it couldn't satisfied some gamers. After 4 years, it looks like Ubisoft wants to bring the series back to life with Far Cry 3. But what is Far Cry 3 about? Let's see what they got.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Tips For Video Game Testers

job for gamersI've told you about the basics of game testing before. Being a video game tester is a dream job for most gamers but it's not easy. You should take it seriously. There are some tips you should know to become a good video game tester and I'll tell you about them. If you learn everything well, you could write down quality reports, look more professional and get more job offers.

1. Developers will send you some data and information about the game. You should read them again and again to have an idea about what the game will be like. You are expected for a feedback about the game with a standard format for evaluation reports. You will be also given a deadline. So read everything and use every resource that was sent to you for your advantage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 3



best free downloadable games
Generally is one of the most successful free little game that I've ever played. It's a racing game and there are variety of maps and different cars such as Formula, Monster Truck, Go-kart, Rally car, Truck, McTurbo and more. Also game has a map editor to create your own maps. There are pit stops on the tracks and you can get your car repaired by entering that areas. But slow down when you do that, otherwise you could hit the pit crew. Generally lets you play with friends on the same keyboard. The most surprisingly, it's just 1,8 mb! Just give Generally a chance, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Job For Gamers: Video Game Tester

game testing jobsYou can find a lot of informations about video game testing jobs on the internet. But most of them will tell you that you will be rich with this job and some of them will tell you it's a scam. Do not believe any of it! I will share every "true" information with you that I know and find about video game testing jobs. Ok, let's start.

What does a video game tester do?

As a video game tester, you will test some games and get paid, right? Right, but not that easy. If you are reading this, that means you are a game lover and interested in game testing jobs. That's the most important thing. Because you should love playing games to become a video game tester. It must be a passion for you. I don't know what you know about game testing but it's not just playing games and getting paid. Before doing anything, answer all these questions. They might give you a clue about yourself to become a video game tester;

Monday, December 17, 2012

Classic Games: Starcraft

the best strategy game
Let me introduce you a king of classic video games; Starcraft! People play it even today and I know they are complaining about Blizzard. Especially after they released Starcraft: Ghost. Why did they develop that game, while people were waiting for Starcraft 2? Actually there is a simple answer for this. Many gamers play FPS more than other genres, so Blizzard wanted to catch the trend but we didn't like it.

It was 1998 and I went to visit my cousin. When I was at his home, I saw him playing Starcraft like crazy. Of course I was very curious and thought that it was a super exciting game. Immediately I took my cousin down, took the mouse from his hand and started to play(Please don't try this at home). I wasn't used to strategy games and I found the menus a little complicated. I was very happy when I build a construction unit.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 2



free little gamesIt's like a version of Liero with better graphics. It's technically the same as Liero. But game's menu is very complicated unlike Liero's. You are not allowed to save your player settings, so you need to set them everytime you enter the game. You can chance your worms' clothes, hat, etc. When you begin the game you will see that Nim-2 has better graphics than Liero. Better but looks like a platform game. Actually I didn't like that much. Also power of the weapons are decreased. In Liero, you can kill an enemy with three rockets, but you need ten rockets to do that in this game. To be honest, I like Liero more than Nim-2. But if you ask what I like about Nim-2, my answer will be variety of maps. If you liked Liero, alternatively you can try this free little game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review: Anything new?

black ops 2 reviewGenre : FPS
Developer : Treyarch
Publisher : Activision
Platform : PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Web :

I finally got the last game of one of the most popular game series. People play this series every year with pleasure. But gamers don't want to play same game anymore, new games got to have new features. What about Black Ops 2? Does it have extra features, any new thing? Let's find out.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Classic Games: Day Of The Tentacle

classic computer games

Adventure games were very popular in 90's. Today, very few adventure games are released and they are not as successful as old ones. Adventure is a almost forgotten genre now by the effect of improving technology. There were a lot of adventure games in 90's and most of them are classic video games. Firm of inexhaustible ideas, Lucas Arts, released their game, Day of The Tentacle, in 1993. People loved this game and it was sold millions of units, so it became a classic computer game. Actually it was the second game of "Maniac Mansion". After that, developers designed remake of those games and they are played even today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 1

Hi folks, I want to give you informations about minimum sized but maximum fun games in that article series. But first, let's answer the question why that games. Because;

1. They are all FREE!
2. Their size are minimum.
3. They have minimum system requirements.
4. They are very simple games and ideal for playing in short free times.
5. You can play them with friends by just using a single keyboard.
6. They are addictive.

By the way, I played lots of little games but I chose the best ones for you. Let's start.



best free downloadable games

I think most of you know Counter-Strike. If Counter-Strike was 2D, it would be Soldat. It's a 2D shooter

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Classic Games: Kingpin - Life of Crime

classic video games

Violence in video games is the most discussed topic nowadays. Especially games with high violence levels that were released in the last year make people talk about this topic. This situation gives game developers a headache. Some gamers are affected by that games, that's true. Remember the kids in America who ran over people by car after playing GTA. But people forget that, they are just games! It's about you. Anyway, let's get back to the game.

I talked about violence because Kingpin is a violent game. In 1999, a game company named Xatrix, which was not so popular in that years, released Kingpin. In that years, violence wasn't a much discussed topic because games didn't used to have much violence. But Kingpin broke this rule. But we weren't complaining about it because it was a classic video game.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10 Best Video Game Series Since 2005

Developing a game is not easy. Especially it's harder to develop a game which will be a classic. But I think the hardest thing is making a serie of that game. Some games are very successful about this. Here are the best video game series since 2005;


I remember my first experience in Bioshock. Game started with an intro and then I took the control. But I was shocked when I realized that it wasn't an intro. I was in the game and that was in-game graphics. BioShock is absolutely a classic with its atmosphere, story and characters. Actually you can accept BioShock as a soul mate of System Shock. I can't wait for BioShock Infinite.

bioshock video game series

Dead Space

Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Useful Tips For Surviving in Far Cry 3

far cry 3 tips

Ubisoft has released Far Cry 3 which got high ratings from critics and fans. If you have played it, you know about the dangers on Rook Island. Pirates, tigers and other many things are a threat for you, so you have to know about things that may help you survive. I prepared a list of tips for surviving in Far Cry 3 for you, have a look;

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Trip To The History of Game Consoles: Part 2

We are continuing the trip on the history of game consoles. In the first part of this article, I gave informations about the history of old game consoles. Today, we will take a look at the new generation video game consoles.

playstation 2 game consolePlayStation 2

If PlayStation is a turning point for the game console history, PlayStation 2 is the revolution for them. It was released in 2000 and still played even today. It was on the top of game consoles with its hardware, controls and games. PlayStation 2 also lets you play PlayStation 1 games and online games. It became a legendary game console with its games like Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy series.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Trip To The History of Game Consoles: Part 1

Video gaming is a part of our lives for years. Anyone who is interested in technology has a computer or console nowadays. Especially game consoles started to take the place of PC by their easy to use system. But how did consoles come to these days? I'll take you on a trip of the history of old game consoles.

first game consoleBrown Box

Brown Box is the first game console in history which was created by a German engineer Ralph Baer in 1967. He is known as the father of the video games. Brown Box could be connected to a TV by a vacuum tube circuit. In the first game for Brown Box, we controlled two squares chasing each other. Afterwards a rifle and 12 more game released for the console.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A List Of The Longest Lasting Video Games

We gamers have played a lot of games for years. Some of them made us smile, some of them made us run away. We spent long hours in front of the PC or console. We finished some of them in a few hours. But we spent days for some of them which deserved our money. So I decided to write a post about them. But I won't put MMO and sports games on the list. I want to talk about games that have longest story modes.

longest gamesBaldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate is Bioware's masterpiece and when it was released in 1998, it shocked everybody. It was 14 years ago and some fans still play it today. Hundreds of hours gameplay and lots of side missions make Baldur's Gate one of the longest video games ever. A new version of the game, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition was released on November. If you haven't met the serie yet, it's a good chance you shouldn't miss.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PC vs Console: Advantages and Disadvantages For Gaming

pc vs consoleActually this is different for everybody. Some gamers like playing games on PC and some like it on consoles. For example I prefer PC, but there are also some games that you better play on consoles. Also with the rise of the next generation consoles, some gamers have started to prefer console gaming. But even with all these doubts, there is a truth that everybody knows. PC gaming is still better.

You Can Customize Your PC

PC is customizable but I'm not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage. OK, you can customize your PC if you want, but you don't need to think about that if you have a console. Many games are being designed every year and every game has better graphics than others. So your PC needs an upgrade. If your PC's hardware is old, you have to upgrade it to play latest games. But it's not the same for console gaming. You just put your game DVD into console and play it. You don't need to worry about performance or graphic settings. You don't need to lower the graphics. But...

Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Develop Professional Gaming Skills

mlgWould you like to be a professional video gamer? If you would like, it's possible, but not that easy. You need to develop some skills. It doesn't matter if you want to be a professional in a game or something else, because the requirements are the same. There is a strategy you need to know before becoming a pro. Here are required skills that you need to develop.

Technical skills : You can't see a gamer who is not a master of the technical part of a game. If you want to become a professional video gamer, you have to practise in front of your console or computer. As you can see, you can be successful in many different areas. Professional gamers are the ones who practise the most. They know that practice makes perfect.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Classic Games: Flashback

Another World was one of the classic video games. After its success, everybody expected for a second game. But developers disappointed us and a second game wasn't designed. But one day a friend of mine came and told me that Another World 2 was released. It was my happiest day. I got dressed immediately and went to buy it. I bought it, bring it home and put the floppy disk into the Amiga. I saw the main screen and I was shocked. It wasn't Another World 2! That game's name was FLASHBACK. I was disappointed. But after I had played it couple of hours, I couldn't believe what I saw.

There weren't much games at old times. Games were released once or twice a month and five or six of them were hits. Flashback was absolutely one of them. Ok but what was the story? Year is 2124, Planet Titan. An agent named Conrad was kidnapped by some aliens and his memory was deleted by them. You are taking control of Conrad at this point. You have to escape and save the planet from that aliens.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Play Online FPS Games Better

how to play fps I don't know about you, but I love playing FPS games. It's my favorite game genre. Many games are designed by developers every year and FPS gaming is becoming more popular with some successful games like Far Cry, Crysis, Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Also there are a lot of free to play FPS games on the internet. You can just download and play them. But if you can't shoot an enemy in front of you, you can't enjoy the game. Especially aiming is very important if you play online FPS games. But how can you do that? How can you improve your aiming in FPS games? I have some tips for FPS gaming, have a look;