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Friday, December 28, 2012

Product Review: Smart PC Fixer

registry cleanerEvery year, we play games with better graphics by the effect of improving technology. So better graphics need a better system. But every game that you install and uninstall to your computer leaves some "waste" data into your hard disk drive. And because of that datas, your computer runs slower. At this point, Smart PC Fixer will be your best friend. You can make your PC run faster again and optimize it by using this product.

Smart PC Fixer is a very useful program that you can download and use to solve your PC problems. You can use it to clean the registry, defrag your harddisk, fix the system errors, make your PC faster on startup and optimize it. That issues are common for almost every computer user, so having a PC fixer like Smart PC Fixer is very important for a better PC performance. Of course your PC's game performance will improve as it gets healthy.

This product has some beneficial features and tools to turn your computer back to maximum efficiency. Let's review them.

1. Scan and Clean : When you run the program, it automatically finds the problems that slow down your computer and clean them. Also you can use it to clean cookies and browser history.

2. System Optimize : Smart Fixer is very useful to optimize your PC. Its system helps you to manage your internet, desktop, browsers, and startup datas. This feature helps your computer to return its optimal performance.

3. System Fix : It discovers invalid registry entries and fix them to avoid crashings and other issues. You can use this tool to fix broken files, shortcuts, ActiveX and winsock problems. The product helps you to fix your system by detecting the problems of your PC. You can use it to keep the optimal settings of your PC and repair some file extensions.

4. System Tools : This tools includes some useful features such as Windows Update, BHO Manager, File Splitter, ActiveX Blocker, Disk Defrag, Uninstall Manager, IE Management, IE Toolkit and IE Restore. You can increase the efficiency of your computer by using Smart PC Fixer's system tools.

5. Backup : Don't worry if you deleted an important file for your computer by accident. Backup tool helps you to back up the registry and makes your PC safe.

Also you can use this program to remove some plug-ins for Internet Explorer that lowers the performance of your browser.

best registry cleaner
Positive :
  • Easy to use : Using this product is not hard, very simple to use it.
  • Useful features : Fixing problems like winsock, broken files, ActiveX, broken shortcuts, etc. are very useful features.
  • Remove errors : It can scan and fix all errors in a very short time.
  • Customer support : 24/7 online support is a very important feature.


Smart PC Fixer is a beneficial product for your computer's health and to play games faster. It's not only a registry cleaner. It also has lots of tools to optimize your PC. The best thing about it is a 8 week refund guarantee. You can download Smart PC Fixer and use for free in a time limit. Just try the FREE version this registry cleaner and see it yourself!

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