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Friday, January 18, 2013


temple run on iphone

Genre : Arcade/Platform

Developer : Imangi Studios

Publisher : Imangi Studios

Platform : iPhone, iPad, Android

A friend of mine warned me about the first Temple Run game. I didn't care about his warning and started the game. After minutes, I was playing Temple Run on my iPhone and saying "Help me, I can't stop playing!". After days of playing, I unlocked everything but that was still not enough. I had played it until I ruined my phone.. And two days ago, some great news(also worrying) came out. Temple Run 2 is released unexpectedly. It's also great on iPad Mini. Developers put some new features to the second game but it still has the specific gameplay of the first game. Shortly, if you enjoyed playing the first Temple Run, even if you were addicted to the game like me, you will spend hours in the second game, you can be sure about that.

Temple Run 2 is not released for Android yet, but I had a chance to play it on iPad Mini, so it's visuals are looking great. Temple Run is an endless running game. The first game's animations were not very good. But second game has a good and smooth animations. Also characters' designs are looking better in this game. Of course environment designs have an effect on this, because this time they are less "sharp". Not all the paths are stright, most of them are inclined and that makes the characters' running dynamics look better.

temple run 2Temple Run 2 has the same control system with the first game. But this time it takes you to the sky. You will run meters above the ground and if you fall down, you die. Don't worry, you can resurrect once you are dead. As you remember, there was a "angel wings" bonus to do this, but second game uses a different system; Green Gem. Green Gems are good for resurrection or activating other bonuses. You can get these Green Gems as you level up or you can buy them with real money. So, Temple Run 2 has a micro paying system but it's more refined now.

If we come back to the dynamics of the game, its gameplay and environment designs look very smooth. In this game, all you can do is not just running; you can swing with a rope from a cliff to another, enter a mine and ride a minecart like "Hugo" etc. Also there is a new enemy, a gorilla. This time we are not running away from three monkeys, we are dealing with a huge gorilla.

In conclusion, Temple Run 2 came out unexpectedly but it came with new good features. Of course there are a lot of things that could be added to the game but I'm expecting them in the third game. By the way, this time we play in daytime, some gamers may not like it. Have a good gaming...

Positive :

  • Smooth animations and gameplay
  • New running dynamics
  • Minimalism

Negative :

  • Polygon number is still low

SCORE : 8,8/10

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