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Monday, December 17, 2012

Classic Games: Starcraft

the best strategy game
Let me introduce you a king of classic video games; Starcraft! People play it even today and I know they are complaining about Blizzard. Especially after they released Starcraft: Ghost. Why did they develop that game, while people were waiting for Starcraft 2? Actually there is a simple answer for this. Many gamers play FPS more than other genres, so Blizzard wanted to catch the trend but we didn't like it.

It was 1998 and I went to visit my cousin. When I was at his home, I saw him playing Starcraft like crazy. Of course I was very curious and thought that it was a super exciting game. Immediately I took my cousin down, took the mouse from his hand and started to play(Please don't try this at home). I wasn't used to strategy games and I found the menus a little complicated. I was very happy when I build a construction unit.

As most of you know, there are three races in Starcraft;

Zerg : An organic race. They breed very fast, they are cheap but technologically not very good.
Terran : Human race. They have an effective technology like aircrafts, tanks and invisibility. They have an average breeding speed and costs.
Protoss(My favourite) : This advanced technologic race has a lot of good stuff from invisible shield to other many things that you can't imagine. That means a little expensive. But believe me it's worth it.

Scenario is full of intrigue. In a part, your friend Protoss attacks you. When you cantrol Protoss, this time humans attacks you. But just know that, Zerg is always your enemy. Game has a good war atmosphere. It's hard to know what will happen next. I suggest you to leave at least a unit at the base.

classic video gamesGame has 2D graphics like Red Alert 2. There were no 3D games in that times. But still I like it so much even it's a 2D game. Last week, I persuaded one of my friends to play Starcraft. But he brought the game back 3 days later and said "Graphics are awful man, I don't want to play it.". I took him down too of course, like my cousin(Don't blame me, it was an insult to Starcraft and I had to do that.). In my opinion, it's a better game than Red Alert 3 which is an 3D game. But of course Starcraft 2 is better with 3D graphics.

Game brings you a game editor. You can create good maps with it. Also you can create campaigns. It's an old game and there is not an expansion for it anymore. But you can find a lot of campaigns on the internet which were created by other players with that game editor.

Let's talk about my favourite part; Multiplayer. I played it so many times in my home with friends and still do. I should say that, it's the best strategy and multiplayer game I've ever played. Multiplayer is so much fun. You can't play it at home with network? Then I invite you to You can still have Starcraft for a little price and sign up to Then make your friends buy it and enjoy its multiplayer mode with them.

If you are a strategy game lover and haven't played Starcraft yet, take that article seriously and get a Starcraft. If you play it now like me, I have only two words for you; keep playing!

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