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Friday, December 21, 2012

FAR CRY 3 Review: Welcome To The Island

far cry 3 reviewGenre : FPS
Developer : Ubisoft
Publisher : Ubisoft
Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Web :

Let's get back to 10 years from now. Most of the games, which are released now, were not even in development phase. A German game company named Crytek was new in game industry. When they had first announced their first game, Far Cry, they attracted a big attention. Everybody was waiting for this game. After Far Cry was released, it was sold 750.000 units within 4 months. They've created their own game engine and used this engine for other games too. Actually Far Cry series is not a success story for Crytek.

Crytek and Ubisoft developed the first Far Cry together but Ubisoft acquired all rights to the game. So Crytek focused on their new game, Crysis. In 2008, Ubisoft released Far Cry 2 but it wasn't liked much by gamers because of some bugs and glitches. Far Cry 2 came out with a new character, new gameplay dynamics, weapon system and other things but it couldn't satisfied some gamers. After 4 years, it looks like Ubisoft wants to bring the series back to life with Far Cry 3. But what is Far Cry 3 about? Let's see what they got.

far cry 3 gameplay
Don't worry, they are actually morons.

Once upon a time, there was a Rambo

Ocean, sand, sun, alcohol, crazy parties... For some people, a holiday with these things is nothing but a dream. Or getting kidnapped by pirates while that holiday is just an imagine. But not for Jason Brody and his friend. While enjoying the holiday, they are kidnapped by pirates but they escape where they are kept. And we are taking control of Jason Brody who has never killed somebody in his life and starts to become a Rambo.

I know it's a little exaggerated but as Jason Brody, who has never handle a gun before, your first mission is to kill a man. Ubisoft tries to show us a man who slowly becomes a killer but everything happens very quick and that is not convincing. Jason takes his gun and gets to the road to find his friends.

Besides main missions, there are side missions in the game but that missions are like killing a guy, collecting an item and bringing it back, attacking a camp, activating a tower, etc. and after a while, they really get boring. I must admit that I got bored sometimes. It's obvious that the side missions are for extending the game time but in my opinion, games with that kind of side mission system get the players out of the main story. And when a player is out of the story, he/she begins to get bored. Maybe if side missions were a little more relevant to the main story, that would make players like the game more. But they are still good for getting awards after completing them.

what is far cry 3 about
Far Cry 3 has a very big map and I recommend you to explore it.

A long trip to the jungle

Having a skill system is a good thing for Far Cry 3 because you don't begin the game as a Rambo and missions get harder after a while. You can use your skill points on 3 different skill trees when you level up. Besides skill system, crafting system affects the game well. You can create all your requirements, from ammo pouches to the bag that you will put your RPG rockets in. That items save life. You can create them from skins of animals that you killed or collectable plants on the island. For example, you are only able to carry just one weapon in the beginning. If you want to upgrade the capacity, you must collect some items and create your bag. This way you can also carry more money and ammo. It's very important if you decide to attack a pirate camp. Because if you don't have enough ammo, you will be taken down that's for sure.

In Far Cry 2, weapons could break after a while, but this system is not the same for Far Cry 3. It's a good thing actually because it was very annoying sometimes. Activating radio towers is one of your side missions. By doing that, you can open new areas on the map and get new weapons. Recently, most of the FPS games have an upgrade system for weapons. Far Cry 3 has this system too. Not very detailed but you can your weapons a little.

jason brody
You can craft all your requirements with crafting system. Use it to your advantage.
There are also some vehicles that you can use. It would be very hard to get a location without them anyway. Because the game map is very big. Not a big variety of vehicles but you can find a buggy, jet-ski, ATV and others. But I should warn you, keep your eyes on the road. If you lose control of the car, it's very hard to take the control back again. Also sometimes if you don't drive on the road and jump in the jungle, it's possible to fall down from a cliff. I fell 1-2 times and actually it's fun :)

Like I said before, the game map is very big and of course designing and filling it with objects is not an easy job. But Ubisoft did it successfully. There is a big open world with full of wild animals, sea animals, pirate camps, huts and other many things. If you explore the world, you can see some things like plane and ship wrecks.

What about graphics? Actually, there is not much to talk about. But I can say that environment and face designs are better than I expected. Especially character designs are very successful. Creating a map and filling it with things is hard, but doing that without a mistake is harder.

far cry 3 gameplay
ATV is one of the vehicles you can use. Drive carefully.
Also I want to tell you about audio. Especially, I can say that voices are almost perfect. There are some synchron issues about them but not a big problem. I can't say the same things about musics. There are not good musics that you want to add to your archives. Maybe you can say "I don't need them anyway", but it would be better if there were some good musics in the game.


I played the game after installing the patch. So maybe the first version of the game has more bugs. But I'll talk about patched version. Doesn't Far Cry 3 have some problems that annoy you? Of course it does. I think the biggest problem about the game is AI. They are absolutely morons. Also vehicle controls and some graphical problems are another issues about the game. But in conclusion, game does a good job. Console and PC versions don't have big differences. But of course better graphics are an usual thing for PC games. Games that are released for PC recently look better. I think this situation will continue until new consoles are released.

Far Cry 3 is not a classic for me but highly recommended.

Positive :
  • Good storyline
  • A big open world
  • Characters
  • There are lots of things to do

Negative :
  • Moron AI
  • Multiplayer is not very successful
  • Some synchron issues about voices
  • Side missions get boring after a while

SCORE : 8,8/10

Here is a Far Cry 3 gameplay trailer;

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