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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DEAD SPACE 3 Demo Review

survival horrorGenre : Action/Horror
Developer : Visceral Games
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Platform : PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Web :
Release Date : February 5(USA),
February 8(Europe), 2013

It's obvious that most of the horror games of today's generation, which were developed by big game companies, couldn't manage to become popular. The best example for that is the sequels. The first games of Resident Evil series were amazing for most of the gamers with survival-horror elements. But today, developers release their last games of the series as an action game and that fact disappoints most of the gamers.

We should review Dead Space series in a different way. After the big success of the first game, EA put a little action into the second game, but still its atmosphere was great like the first game. After the continuous speculations, Dead Space 3 was announced and we saw a lot of videos about it. Fans of the series complained about the action elements in the game, because it looked like there would be more action elements than the previous games. After months, EA announced the demo and gave Xbox owners an opportunity to play it one week before release date who have registered it. So I took advantage of this opportunity and tried the demo. Let's see what is waiting for us in Dead Space 3.

action horrorWhen you enter the game you will see two selections in main menu. First, story mode that you can play by yourself. Second, Co-op story mode that you can play with your friends on Xbox LIVE. At the beginning, you can only play story mode in "normal" difficulty level. When you begin the game, you see Isaac hanging in a snowy place. He tries to save himself and the game begins. Let's talk about gameplay.

When you take the control, you will see that there is no HUD system on the screen like previous games. This is not a new thing to the series and I think it's better this way. But there are some changes about controls. Isaac is now able to dodge to left and right. Also he can crouch and take cover and you will really need these skills in some of the action points. As you know, we were able to upgrade our weapons and suits in previous games. In Dead Space 3, upgrading system is improved and there are more options now. For example, you can upgrade your machine gun and turn it into a lazer gun. But of course it's a demo and I wasn't able to see all options of upgrading system.

dead space 3 reviewWhat about technical details? Dead Space 3's graphics are very good. Even I can say that I was very impressed in some parts. Especially lighting effects are great. Game's atmosphere is also very good. There are more open places in this new game of the series. When you walk alone in a cold, snowy weather and uninhabited places, you really feel the loneliness. So, this new game gets a high score from me for its atmosphere.

I also want to mention about creatures. There are more kinds of them in this game. If you hit and blow their arms or legs up, they continue coming and this can be very scary in narrow places. Like I said before, action level of the game was complained by most of the gamers. But when I played demo, I saw that game still makes you fear in some parts. So don't worry about the horror level and atmosphere. But yes, there are some action scenes in the game. In some parts of the demo, we are dealing with soldiers. And also in some parts, when I fought with soldiers, some creatures came and attacked soldiers. That was a good detail.

In conclusion, I will tell you my opinions about this new game. After the releasing of gameplay pictures and videos, I can't say I was very excited. But I really liked the demo of Dead Space 3. If you are a fan of this series, I suggest you to wait for the full version.
(By the way, I won't give a score because I'm keeping it for the full version)

NOTE : Demo will be released for all PSN and Xbox LIVE users in January 22.

Here is a Dead Space 3 gameplay trailer;

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