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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Classic Games: Another World

For most of the people, Prince of Persia completely changed the gaming world. It was a 2D platform game and the strongest point of the game was its animation techniques. Smooth animations and realistic moves were unprecedented until that time. It was hard to create this type of games after that. Then Delphine Software released their game, Another World, that would never be old. Another World deserves the classic video game title. You understand that when you play it. Its motion capture technique was better than Prince of Percia's.

Let's talk about the story. It's routine day and you are at work. Suddenly, a lightning struck your computer and teleport you to "another world". I know it's cliche but it looked original at old times. But game really deserves its name because this "other" world is very different.

Game starts with a very good demo and when you take the control, this amazing adventure begins. You find yourself in place like a pool. But you must swim towards the surface immediately or you might be eaten by an octopus. After you got out of the pool, you find yourself in an area that you have never seen. By the way, you will notice that a black tiger is following you. Then you start to explore the area. There is a cliff on the left side so you must head to the right side. But you have to walk slowly because some weird worms are falling down from above. After killing them all, you reach the end of the road where the tiger from the begining is waiting for you. It doesn't look happy to see you and... Ok, I'm not going to tell the rest. Just play and see. Because you can't imagine things that you will see in this world.

Game was technically perfect. Graphics and audio were above expectations. Of course we can't compare it with today's graphics but you couldn't see such graphics at old times. And the final level of the game, it was fantastic!
If you like action-adventure games, you should play it. Because Another World is a game that you might want to play even today.

Here is a video to have an idea about this classic computer game's gameplay.

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