Run for your life! You won't be able to stop playing. Modern Combat 4 is definitely the best FPS game for mobile devices. The Last Of Us is one of the strongest nominee for the 'game of the year' title of 2013. The return of the old school spirit! Ready your Plasma Cutter, Isaac is coming back!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classic Games: Moonstone

classic video gamesI know this name makes some of you excited. What a game it was! In 1993, a legend video game console, Amiga, was very popular. Everybody was buying Amiga instead of Commodore 64. One day, I bought a magazine about Commodore 64. While turning the pages rapidly, my eyes was caught by a game named "Moonstone". I started to read excitedly and thought it was an interesting game. Next day, I bought the game, fortunately. Why? Let's get back 13 years before and review the game.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MODERN COMBAT 4: Zero Hour Review

best fps game for iphone

Genre : FPS

Developer : Gameloft

Platform : iPhone, iPad, Android

Web :

As the processor capacities of mobile devices are improved, we are able to play FPS games on those devices. But because of some controlling issues, there is still not a quality FPS game. Modern Combat 4 is also not a high quality FPS... You are able to put the control buttons wherever you want on the screen but unfortunately, we have only two thumbs to push that buttons. Also we need to use our thumbs to hold the device, to walk and for the camera, so controlling the character is not easy. I spent my first hours to make the game's controls better. And I think I have found the best option: Use the motion sensor and play it standing up. It can make you feel like playing a "virtual reality" game.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Video Game Testing Site Review: Only 4 Gamers

get paid to test gameVideo gaming is an over 30 years industry. As the consoles become improved, video games get longer and deeper. In the first years of this market, only a few people were interested about video game designing. But now, a game company hires an "army" for this process. And sometimes this process lasts more than 2-3 years. You too have some possibilities about turning your passion into a paying job. The first step of that is game testing. But the main question is; "Are you really willing to work hard to live your dream?"

Friday, January 18, 2013


temple run on iphone

Genre : Arcade/Platform

Developer : Imangi Studios

Publisher : Imangi Studios

Platform : iPhone, iPad, Android

A friend of mine warned me about the first Temple Run game. I didn't care about his warning and started the game. After minutes, I was playing Temple Run on my iPhone and saying "Help me, I can't stop playing!". After days of playing, I unlocked everything but that was still not enough. I had played it until I ruined my phone.. And two days ago, some great news(also worrying) came out. Temple Run 2 is released unexpectedly. It's also great on iPad Mini. Developers put some new features to the second game but it still has the specific gameplay of the first game. Shortly, if you enjoyed playing the first Temple Run, even if you were addicted to the game like me, you will spend hours in the second game, you can be sure about that.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

INTO THE DEAD: An iPhone Game Review

zombie games for iphone

Genre :Action/Horror

Developer : Prodigy Design

Publisher : Prodigy Design

Platform : iPhone, iPad

Web :

A helicopter accident... A dark and tense atmosphere... You are surrounded by zombies who want to hunt you down... And all you can do is running away, not matter where to... Into The Dead is an "endless-runner" zombie game in a first person view for iPhone and iPad. At the beginning of the game, you survive a helicopter crash and see that you are surrounded by zombies. After that, you will start to run to a way where zombies are lesser.