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Thursday, January 17, 2013

INTO THE DEAD: An iPhone Game Review

zombie games for iphone

Genre :Action/Horror

Developer : Prodigy Design

Publisher : Prodigy Design

Platform : iPhone, iPad

Web :

A helicopter accident... A dark and tense atmosphere... You are surrounded by zombies who want to hunt you down... And all you can do is running away, not matter where to... Into The Dead is an "endless-runner" zombie game in a first person view for iPhone and iPad. At the beginning of the game, you survive a helicopter crash and see that you are surrounded by zombies. After that, you will start to run to a way where zombies are lesser.

It's a world that is invaded by zombies and apparently, you are the only one who survived in this world. Your goal is to run away from zombies as long as you can in some places such as cornfield, jungle, etc. But of course it won't be easy to survive. At the beginning, there will be a small number of zombies around you. When you get too close, they have an itch to take a bite from you and you can see how the character breaks away from them, he shakes off. As you keep running, number of zombies increases. Some of them get up from where they lie down to catch you and some of them are hard to see in the cornfield. You should be careful, before you realize what is going on, they may take you down.

iphone games reviewDon't worry, you are not completely defenseless against them. Before you start to run, you can use your points on some weapons and perks such as starting 1500m ahead, starting with a weapon etc. and they are very useful. After your first tries with pistol, you can complete the missions. This way you can earn points and unlock new weapons. Actually missions are easy but sometimes they might be a little tough. These missions are the most important feature that prevents the game from having a monotone gameplay.

It's very easy to control the main character. You can turn your device left and right or you can control the character by using "invisible" arrow keys on the screen. There is no music during the game. You will just hear your character's breath and the moans of zombies. Especially, if you use a headset, you will see the quality of the atmosphere. It's very scary.

action horrorYou can download Into The Dead to your iOS or Android devices for free. But don't forget, "free" means that you will see some advertising that suddenly comes to screen after falling to pieces screaming. By the way, developer of this game is planning to add new modes and a dog to the game soon. That will extend the game time, that's for sure. What we have to do here is just to survive.

Positive :

  • Good for killing time
  • Excellent atmosphere
  • It's free

Negative :

  • Unexpected ads can be annoying

SCORE : 7,8/10


  1. This is seems really interesting game to play and you have to survive in the game by killing zombies and running. The graphics of the game are awesome.

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  2. Yes Paul, graphics are great for an Iphone/IPad game and it makes you feel like a little version of "WarZ" :)