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Saturday, December 1, 2012

How To Play Online FPS Games Better

how to play fps I don't know about you, but I love playing FPS games. It's my favorite game genre. Many games are designed by developers every year and FPS gaming is becoming more popular with some successful games like Far Cry, Crysis, Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Also there are a lot of free to play FPS games on the internet. You can just download and play them. But if you can't shoot an enemy in front of you, you can't enjoy the game. Especially aiming is very important if you play online FPS games. But how can you do that? How can you improve your aiming in FPS games? I have some tips for FPS gaming, have a look;

Gamepad control : I think playing FPS games on computer is more fun than playing on consoles. But if you prefer consoles, you must have a good control over the gamepad. If you have never played FPS on console before, it will be difficult. You have to run/walk and shoot at the same time but it's not that easy without enough practice. Take your gamepad and start practising. Learn walking and shooting at the same time.

Studying the maps : If you want to be a good FPS player, you absolutely must know maps. This is an important point especially for online FPS games. If you play an online game, don't change the map often. Play the same map and learn everything about it. Hiding places, the safest place to reload your weapon, places that the other players go, etc. Study maps and think like your enemy.

Choosing the best weapon : Choosing the right weapon is very important and you should always use the same weapon. When you first start the game, play with different weapons until you find the right one. After choosing the best weapon for yourself, just use it again and again. Use it until you become an expert of it.

Using radar : Using radar well is an advantage. Because radar tells you where your enemies are. So you can use different strategies and hunt them unprepared. Use it well and be one step ahead.

Using killcam : FPS games are also strategic games. Aim is important for FPS but not enough. You should use your brain. Most of the players don't use killcam and this is wrong. If you get killed, use this as an advantage and watch your enemies. Watch their every move. Watch which way they are coming from and where they are looking first. Think like an enemy. Think what you would do if you were your enemy. Also you should watch experienced and good players to learn something from them.

Noices : Using radar and listening noices together will bring you a big advantage. For example think you are playing an online FPS game and heard footsteps. Look at the radar immediately and see if there are any of your teammates near. If not, that means these footsteps belong to your enemies. Get prepared and surprise them. But remember, the same thing goes for you too. Avoid making too much noise and use walking if possible.

These are my main fps tips for you but there are more things you should know about how to play fps. I recommend you to play "Deathmatch" more than other modes for practising. Because it's a fast mode and you can gain experience faster. Also reflexes are very important. You need a good hand-eye coordination. Good reflexes make you aim well in FPS games.
Lastly, I would like to talk about the expensive way. You need some equipments in the game but also you need some in real life. You can have a high quality headset and mouse. Choose a good mouse that you can handle well and use a mousepad. Actually I don't recommend you to pay a lot of money for that equipments. Just play and practise, it's up to you.

I hope you find these FPS tips useful. If you don't want to be known as a "noob" use these tips in online FPS games :)

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