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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PC vs Console: Advantages and Disadvantages For Gaming

pc vs consoleActually this is different for everybody. Some gamers like playing games on PC and some like it on consoles. For example I prefer PC, but there are also some games that you better play on consoles. Also with the rise of the next generation consoles, some gamers have started to prefer console gaming. But even with all these doubts, there is a truth that everybody knows. PC gaming is still better.

You Can Customize Your PC

PC is customizable but I'm not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage. OK, you can customize your PC if you want, but you don't need to think about that if you have a console. Many games are being designed every year and every game has better graphics than others. So your PC needs an upgrade. If your PC's hardware is old, you have to upgrade it to play latest games. But it's not the same for console gaming. You just put your game DVD into console and play it. You don't need to worry about performance or graphic settings. You don't need to lower the graphics. But...

Let's think that from another perspective. What if your console is out of date? You can't upgrade the parts of consoles, you have to buy a new system! And of course this will empty your pocket. This is the advantage of PC's. Actually this is the strongest point that makes PC win the competition. If your PC's performance is low for a game, you can just buy a better graphic card or upgrade RAM memory. That way you can improve the performance. It's easier to afford. Also if you are not a hardcore gamer, you don't need a latest system. An average system would do just fine, so you can keep your money in your pocket. But it's not possible for consoles. You have to change whole console and it's a little expensive.

pc vs console

PC Hardware Is Being Developed Regularly

Unlike consoles, the PC hardware is being developed constantly. There are many hardware choices like graphic cards, RAM, CPU and much more. All you need to do is changing your selected hardware with a new one. You can always find a better hardware, you don't have to wait for an upgrade. But when it comes to consoles, you have to wait about 5 years or more. And actually hardware really doesn't change.
But also that means developers have to push their limits to satisfy the PC gamer. They always have to be on their toes. Because graphics are improving with every new game and that means gamers will need a better system.

Better Movement and Control

Some people may disagree with me but I think playing FPS on PC is more fun. Aiming at the opponents is very hard by using a gamepad. Using a mouse for that is much easier. Also you can change mouse sensitivity and make it work at the speed you require. You can't even play strategy games on consoles, which are very popular with games like Starcraft, Red Alert, Company of Heroes, Age of Empires, etc.
But there are also some games that you can't play on computers. For example Nintendo Wii games allow you to physically play the game. Also Kinect system detects your movements to play the game with physical moves. If you like that kind of games, you should choose console gaming.

I know that every gamer has different opinion about this topic. Because some people like playing games on consoles and some others don't. But nobody can argue against that PC gaming is one step ahead with customization and flexibility.
What about you? Which platform do you choose to play video games?

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