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Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10 Best Video Game Series Since 2005

Developing a game is not easy. Especially it's harder to develop a game which will be a classic. But I think the hardest thing is making a serie of that game. Some games are very successful about this. Here are the best video game series since 2005;


I remember my first experience in Bioshock. Game started with an intro and then I took the control. But I was shocked when I realized that it wasn't an intro. I was in the game and that was in-game graphics. BioShock is absolutely a classic with its atmosphere, story and characters. Actually you can accept BioShock as a soul mate of System Shock. I can't wait for BioShock Infinite.

bioshock video game series

Dead Space

There are a few games that I really scared while playing and Death Space is one of them. Dead Space is the game which make death entertaining. It takes you into the game and makes you feel all alone. What I like most about the game is weapons. I think Dead Space series have the most original weapons in recent years and they make me love the game more.

dead space best game series

Dragon Age

There are still very successful RPG games but sometimes I miss old RPG games such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Fallout. Graphics mean a lot for today's gamers, of course for me too, but only graphics are not enough. Dragon Age brings you the 90's party-based RPG style with good graphics. It's one of the best game series with its gameplay and mythology.

dragon age video game series

Gears of War

Gears of War series proved that shooters can be played with third person view. Developers tried to create games like Gears of War but none of them became as successful as it. It's absolutely one of the best action game series ever. Also people liked its multiplayer modes. Ready your chainsaws guys, Gears of War: Judgment is coming!

gears of war best game series

Left 4 Dead

Zombies are everywhere! They became one of the most popular concept for games. Call of Duty, Plants vs. Zombies, War Z and more other games use that consept. I think Left 4 Dead series is the number one reason for that. Multiplayer mode was so much fun and it makes you move as a team.

left 4 dead video game series

Mass Effect

Many gamers call it "Star Trek of this Generation" and it's hard to disagree with that. Mass Effect is an amazing video game series which mixes the RPG and shooter game styles successfully. It brings you a rich story with a fantastic space theme.

mass effect best game series

Saints Row

What's the reason for you to play a game? Simple, because it's a game and playing them is fun. Saints Row gives you a lot of reasons for that. Driving a truck which has a machine gun on it, driving in traffic without any purpose, killing people around(!?)... You have much more reasons to experience Saints Row series.

saints row video game series

Two Worlds

Many game companys released RPG games in recent years but most of them forgot the importance of main RPG elements. They only focused on story and atmosphere. But that was a deadly mistake. But Two Worlds is not one of them and it gives you everything that you expect from a RPG game.

two worlds best game series


Console gamers are very lucky because PC gamers are not able to play this game series. Uncharted is the game which brings the adventure spirit back. It presents you a good story, liked characters and interesting places. Uncharted is a game like an action movie that you will never forget. That's why Uncharted the movie is on the way.

uncharted video game series

The World Ends With You

We are a little disappointed in Square Enix in recent times but it doesn't change the truth. A truth that The World Ends With You is a rare piece of video game series that is recommended to play.

the world ends with you best game series

Of course there are more games that should be in this list. What's your favorite video game series?

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