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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A List Of The Longest Lasting Video Games

We gamers have played a lot of games for years. Some of them made us smile, some of them made us run away. We spent long hours in front of the PC or console. We finished some of them in a few hours. But we spent days for some of them which deserved our money. So I decided to write a post about them. But I won't put MMO and sports games on the list. I want to talk about games that have longest story modes.

longest gamesBaldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate is Bioware's masterpiece and when it was released in 1998, it shocked everybody. It was 14 years ago and some fans still play it today. Hundreds of hours gameplay and lots of side missions make Baldur's Gate one of the longest video games ever. A new version of the game, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition was released on November. If you haven't met the serie yet, it's a good chance you shouldn't miss.

oblivion hours of gameplayThe Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Oblivion was born in 2006 which has won many awards. Actually whole Elder Scrolls series is long but Oblivion is the best of the series for me. Few games make you really feel the freedom and Oblivion is absolutely one of them. Oblivion's gameplay takes about more than 100 hours with a very big game world and lots of missions. It's one of the best RPG games ever that you should play.

borderlands 2 characters and game lengthBorderlands Series

We have heard, read and watched lots of things about Borderlands lately. Both game are designed with Cel-Shading graphic technique and gamers liked it. Borderlands gives you a 20-25 hours of gameplay with more than 100 missions. As you know, most of the FPS games have a very short gameplay but Borderlands serie is not one of them. Borderlands 2 also takes 45 hours to finish. Borderlands is an amazing serie that mixes FPS and RPG gaming style successfuly.

gta the longest gameGrand Theft Auto Series

Only main missions of GTA takes hours and if you play side mission, it takes more time. After you complete the main mission, you can go everywhere in the city and that makes you feel the freedom. There are also lots of collectible objects in the game and only collecting them takes hours. I think GTA never really ends.

dragon age game lengthDragon Age: Origins

If you only try to complete the scenario, it takes at least 20 hours. With side missions this number becomes 60 hours. Dragon Age gameplay changes according to your choices and moves and that make the game longer. It's a very good game that you can't stop playing.

zelde long video gameThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Nintendo claimed that we have to play this game more than 100 hours to completely finish it. When the game was released, we saw that they were right. Forget the side mission, you need at least 30 hours to complete only main scenario. But you need a Nintendo Wii to play this game.

batman gameplay lengthBatman: Arkham City

The last Batman games were liked by most of the gamers and one of the reason for that is game length. Main mission part of the game 25 hours long and side mission part is 15 hours long. That's why every gamer gave Batman: Arkham City high game score.

fallout hours of gameplayFallout Series

Fallout is one of the best RPG series and you can put every game of this serie on this list. Especially with expansions and mods, Fallout 3 has more than 200 hours of gameplay. 200 hours, think about that. A game that makes you have a good time for 200 hours! What else do a gamer want?

RPG games take the lead in this list as you can see and actually there are more games that can be put on this list. Maybe you can tell us your longest gameplay. What are the other longest lasting video games that you know?

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