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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Classic Games: Kingpin - Life of Crime

classic video games

Violence in video games is the most discussed topic nowadays. Especially games with high violence levels that were released in the last year make people talk about this topic. This situation gives game developers a headache. Some gamers are affected by that games, that's true. Remember the kids in America who ran over people by car after playing GTA. But people forget that, they are just games! It's about you. Anyway, let's get back to the game.

I talked about violence because Kingpin is a violent game. In 1999, a game company named Xatrix, which was not so popular in that years, released Kingpin. In that years, violence wasn't a much discussed topic because games didn't used to have much violence. But Kingpin broke this rule. But we weren't complaining about it because it was a classic video game.

The story is about crime, criminals and mafia. After beaten up and wounded by the Kingpin's henchmen, your path of revenge begins. You begin the game with just a pipe but you will have more weapons in the next levels. You can get that weapons from the enemies that you killed or you can buy them from gun shops. Of course for a little fee. There are different types of weapons such as pistol, shotgun, tommy gun, heavy machine gun, flamethrower and grenades. Also you can customize your weapons with equipments like silencer.

classic computer games
Thugs' designs are very successful. I warn you, they speak very naughty.

Kingpin: Life of Crime is not an easy game. If you play it on the hardest difficulty level, I can guarantee you it will drive you crazy. Especially in the beginning, it will be very hard until you get a pistol. Actually it's not only about finding the weapons. Your enemies are tough guys and they don't miss when they shoot. So fighting against them with just a pistol is not that easy. But shootouts are so much fun. It's like a gang war. Also enemies' designes are very successful. They absolutely look like thugs, punks, gangsters. Also their speeches are very slangy and they swear like a thug. Sometimes they swear at you too. There are two options for you here; You can swear back or you can talk like a coward. If you swear back, some of them retreat and leave you alone but some of them will attack you.

World designs are very successful. You feel like you are really in the backstreets of America. Burning barrels, drunk homeless people in the alleys, trash scattered around and other details are well designed. By the way, there are rats around the map and they are not only details. If you smash them that will cost you a health point. Also remember not to go near the burning barrels.

classic video games
Come here and give me a hug dude.

Every detail was considered in this classic computer game game. For example, if you get hit, enemies can find you by following the drops of blood that are falling to the ground. That means AI is not bad. Wherever you go they find you and they don't come alone. Kingpin Life of Crime also has a multiplayer mode named GANG BANG(!?). You can play it over the internet or LAN.

Let's have a look at the technical details. Graphics are clean. World and character designs are very successful. Kingpin uses Quake 2's graphic engine which looks pretty. Also audio and musics are almost perfect. Musics are generally Rap musics which are very suitable to the game atmosphere.

Unsuccessful advertising made Kingpin: Life of Crime not to be known by all gamers but it's a classic video game that shouldn't be forgotten. If you haven't played it yet, find it from somewhere and play it. But remember, it's a bloody and naughty game which absolutely deserves to be played.

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