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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 2



free little gamesIt's like a version of Liero with better graphics. It's technically the same as Liero. But game's menu is very complicated unlike Liero's. You are not allowed to save your player settings, so you need to set them everytime you enter the game. You can chance your worms' clothes, hat, etc. When you begin the game you will see that Nim-2 has better graphics than Liero. Better but looks like a platform game. Actually I didn't like that much. Also power of the weapons are decreased. In Liero, you can kill an enemy with three rockets, but you need ten rockets to do that in this game. To be honest, I like Liero more than Nim-2. But if you ask what I like about Nim-2, my answer will be variety of maps. If you liked Liero, alternatively you can try this free little game.

Positive : Good graphics, variety of maps
Negative : Game menu is complicated



2d shooterYou had a bad day and need to do something to cool down? Then Crimsonland is your medicine. Game is very simple and has good graphics and variety of weapons. There are two game modes in the game; Career and Survival. In Career mode, every level brings you new and more enemies. You can get new weapons and level up by killing enemies. In Survival mode, all you need to do is survive! You will have a weapon and try to survive against lots of enemies which will be very hardafter a while. By the way, Crimsonland is actually not a free game. But you can get its trial version and have a good time for a while with this 2D shooter.

Positive : Nice graphics, easy gameplay, it's perfect to relax.
Negative : It gets boring after a while.

Jump'n Bump


best free downloadable gamesJump'n Bump is a very simple game but it's fun if you play two players. You can play it up to four players but there is no single player mode. You will control little rabbits and all you need to do is jumping on each other and score that way. You can play it two players on the same keyboard with W, A, S, D and arrow keys. It's a simple game but fun and deserves to be given a chance.

Positive : Interesting game, playing two players is fun.
Negative : There is no variety of maps, no menu for settings and it gets boring after a while.

I tried the links that a gave you and they are active. But if they get inactive later, just type the name of the game on Google, you can find them easily. By the way, don't forget to scan the games after download. I hope you enjoy that little free games like me. We will continue soon, stay in touch.

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