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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Classic Games: Day Of The Tentacle

classic computer games

Adventure games were very popular in 90's. Today, very few adventure games are released and they are not as successful as old ones. Adventure is a almost forgotten genre now by the effect of improving technology. There were a lot of adventure games in 90's and most of them are classic video games. Firm of inexhaustible ideas, Lucas Arts, released their game, Day of The Tentacle, in 1993. People loved this game and it was sold millions of units, so it became a classic computer game. Actually it was the second game of "Maniac Mansion". After that, developers designed remake of those games and they are played even today.

Game begins with a good video and we have an idea about the story here. But let me tell you about it. Everything is ok, ordinary. Birds and butterflies are flying around. But there is a hotel which leaves hazardous waste to the stream and that is the beginning of everything. Then Tentacles come there and one of them drinks water from this stream. Suddenly, that tentacle has arms and legs and it wants to take over the world. After that, tentacle sends our characters(Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne) a letter(By the way, postman is a hamster). Tentacle tells our friends that they are kidnapped by Dr. Fred and wants help. I know story looks absurd but that's nothing, believe me. You will see more absurd things in the game.

Game begins after a long video and your first mission is to find Dr. Fred. Open the clock and there is the way which leads to Dr. Fred's laboratory. Bernard frees the tentacles and tentacle is ready to take over the world now. Bernard learns his big mistake from Dr. Fred and he sends Bernard one day before, with his time machine. But while this event, the diamond that runs the time machine is suddenly broken. Hogie teleported 200 years away, Laverne teleported 200 years past and Bernard stays where he is.

classic video gamesYour main mission is to save your friends and then stop the madness of tentacle. But it's not that easy. You have to solve some smart and absurd puzzles first. For example, you need a super battery to save Hogie from past, but you can't believe what you'll have to do for this. Dialogs between characters will make you laugh. Humors are very funny.

Day of The Tentacle is so much fun. Making players laugh in every scene is not easy, but this game is very successful about that by the effect of good dialogs and well-designed characters. You will also see famous people from the history during the game. All places in the game are designed suitable with game concept. Day of The Tentacle is not a "point and click" game, so it might be hard for new adventure gamers. All you need to do is absurd thinking to find the solution.

I'd like to give you the walkthrough of the game but it wouldn't be fair for this classic video game. Day of The Tentacle is one of the best of its kind. Of course we can't compare its graphics with today's graphic technology, but it make you forget about this while you play. Also audio and speeches are very successful and funny. Lucas Arts met our expectations.

Day of The Tentacle is a milestone for game world history. It deserves classic title with its story, characters and gameplay. You should add this game to your archives.

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