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Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Useful Tips For Surviving in Far Cry 3

far cry 3 tips

Ubisoft has released Far Cry 3 which got high ratings from critics and fans. If you have played it, you know about the dangers on Rook Island. Pirates, tigers and other many things are a threat for you, so you have to know about things that may help you survive. I prepared a list of tips for surviving in Far Cry 3 for you, have a look;

1. Crafting saves life, focus on it
Imagine that you are in the middle of a shootout and running out of ammo and that cause you to be killed. Or imagine that you find an awesome loot while exploring jungle, but you can't take it because your carrying capacity is not enough. If you don't want these situation happen, you need to go hunting. Head to the jungle for hunting to find loots for your crafting list. This way you can craft new syringes, weapons and ammo holsters to upgrade your carrying capacity and other things you need.

2. Don't be afraid to open your wallet
Find every loot you can on the Rook Island and from pirates. You can sell that loots for cash. Also you can have free new weapons by unlocking radio towers. Open your wallet and buy good weapons, customize them and ready for action.

3. Get a Sniper rifle immediately
Stealth kills are recommended to get XP bonuses. If you are planning to kill in sneaky way, you should buy a sniper rifle as soon as possible. But that's not enough. Upgrade it with a silencer and scope which will maximise stealth killing. You can kill pirates unnoticed with it. Also this way wild animals won't hear your shot.

far cry 3 survival
Sniper rifle with a silencer is a good choice for stealth killers.

4. Unlock radio towers
Unlocking a radio tower is not only good for having a new collection of weapons, it also unlocks new areas of the map. This allows you to find hunting grounds with your scope, places to get relics and loots and safe houses.

5. Do not jump headfirst into a pirate camp
If you don't want to commit suicide, don't barge into a camp. This will cause you to get killed or tackle enemy reinforcements. Before attacking a pirate camp, watch the area from a far distance with your scope to see where your enemies are. Also you should disable the alarm if you can. If you can't, take your position near the alarm and kill any enemy who tries to set it off.

6. Don't use your skill points for useless skills
If you want to level quicker, explore the island. This way you can unlock a lot of amazing skills for Jason. But don't use those skill points just for using them. Save them up to use them on skills that are going to be useful for your character build.

7. Use essential skills
There are some skills that you really should unlock in Far Cry 3. If you are a stealth killer, Takedown Drag is your skill. Shark skill tree is also very useful and with its health perks such as Improved First Aid and Advanced Conditioning.

far cry 3 survival guide
Unlock radio towers to have a free new collection of weapons and open new areas on the map.

8. Use fast travel to stay out of trouble
There are some games that have fast travel option for specific points, but Far Cry 3 allows you to use fast travel whenever you want. If you are about to die or to be eaten by a wild animal or bleeding to death, just open your map and use fast travel to get to a safe place.

9. Don't waste your ammo to take down Heavy
Using your ammo is sometimes useless against a Heavy enemy. Instead of this, let the explosives help you taking them down. Your best option against a heavy is using C4 or landmines. Put some landmines in his path without being seen and let the fireworks begin. Also you can stun him with your gunfire for a while and blow him up.

10. Let the wild animals stay in their cages
You will find some caged animals in Far Cry 3 and I'm sure you will want to free them. But don't do that! Maybe you may want to set an animals free to use them on your side. But remember, they won't only attack your enemies, they will also attack you. Actually they are great for backup but if you decide to free a wild animal, do that from a safe distance.

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