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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Video Game Industry

If you are the video game lovers like me, so you are in the right place. In this blog, you will find game reviews, news, walkthroughs, cheats, online games, informations about boosting your game experience and how to earn money with a game job. So everything you need to know about games is here!
Gaming is a lifestyle for most of us. Especially for people who get paid by playing video games. It's a very big, about 75 billion $ industry. Every year, many games are being designed and released by developers. And these games become our best friends in our free times. But do you know everything about video games? How much do you know? There is a list of informations about about video game industry. I think some of them will really surprise you.

Video Game Industry Statistics


Gamer Statistics


Gamers average ageIf someone asked me to guess the average age of a gamer before i learn this information i would say between 20-25 maybe. But according to the studies,  the average age of a gamer is about 34 years! And an average gamer plays video games 8 hours in a week.

Age of game purchaserAccording to the information above, it's not hard to guess the average age of a game

Adult gamers playing video gamesAdult gamers have been playing video games about 12 years

age of gamers In USA, %67 of households play video games.

About half of all gamers are female,It's %40!. Why I can not find such a girl?


Parent Statistics

Gamer Family

Parental controls of games 
%76 of parents believe that game consoles have useful parental controls.

timing gameplay

%83 of parents believe timing is important.They impose time limits on playing video games

pozitive gamers

of parents believe video games are pozitive for their children's lives.

gamer parents
Do your parents play video games with you? According to the studies, %48 of parents do.

Permission for purchasing game

of children ask for their parents' permission to purchase a game.



Industry Statistics


game sales

According to data complied by a global research company, video game industry sell about
270-300 million units in a year!

video game sales

What about you? How many hours do you play video games in a week? Share everything about your gaming experience.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to create this all out. Amazing information.
    US Video Game Industry

    1. Thank you Ross. I was really surprised when I first learned about that information :)