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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 3



best free downloadable games
Generally is one of the most successful free little game that I've ever played. It's a racing game and there are variety of maps and different cars such as Formula, Monster Truck, Go-kart, Rally car, Truck, McTurbo and more. Also game has a map editor to create your own maps. There are pit stops on the tracks and you can get your car repaired by entering that areas. But slow down when you do that, otherwise you could hit the pit crew. Generally lets you play with friends on the same keyboard. The most surprisingly, it's just 1,8 mb! Just give Generally a chance, you won't regret it.

Positive : Customizable maps and cars, very little size, fun, fun, fun.
Negative : I couldn't find anything bad about it :)



free little gamesSlender Man is like an indie version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He is an urban legend who wears a suit and has an empty face! He is believed to appear in pictures that show tragic accidents. According to the legend, he has an ability to sprout arms like tentacles from his back. He cause amnesia, insomnia, paranoia and cough up blood. Also he is believed to teleport himself. And now Hadley/Parsec Productions brings that legend to life! Game starts in a jungle and you have to collect eight notes about Slender Man without getting caught by him. But remember, never look directly at his eyes! It's very scary for an indie game. Don't miss that free game.

Positive : Scary atmosphere, very successful for an indie game.
Negative : Replayability is the most important problem but it still deserves to be played.

Insane Balancing On One Leg in Extremely High Places


best free downloadable gamesI think the name explains much about the game. All you need to do is to keep your character on the top of the building. Stay on the building as much as possible to earn more points. But it won't be that easy. Flying birds and other obstacles could make you fall down. You can avoid them by jumping. Story is... Uhmm there is not story and actually it doesn't need one. Graphics are not very good but i think it's not a problem because game is fun. It's a simple free little game and definitely worth a play.

Positive : Very simple and fun
Negative : Graphics are not very good

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