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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Console Gaming Is Getting More Popular?

Playing video games is an entertaining activity for most of the people. There are many hardcore gamers who use all gaming platforms. We know there are two opponents in gaming world; console players and PC players. Whether be a professional gamer or just play games in your free times for fun, everybody is good at a platform of gaming. PC gamers are confident at games such as World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, Counter Strike, etc. And console gamers feel more confident at games like God of War, Devil May Cry and Gran Turismo.

I'm not going to tell you my opinion about which platform is better. I told you about this in my article, PC vs Consoles before. But I think we should evaluate "the fun" according to the games, not platforms. Because every game has a better platform to be played. I'll try to give you some hints about why consoles are getting more popular for video game developers.

It's easier to develop a console game

If you develop a product, then more things you need to take into account mean a harder job. Form this perspective, developing a console game is much more easier than developing a PC game. For example, there are some different versions of Xbox 360, but only differences between them are disc capacities and outputs. It's also common for PlayStation 3. Except two or three different standard resolutions, some features are fixed like RAM, graphic card, processor.

Unlike consoles, PC is not a fixed hardware. There are dozens of variations only for a graphic card. Therefore, developers need to make their games work on most of the hardwares. In other words, they must develop graphics and graphical modelling for every value of resolution, anti aliasing, anisotropic filtering and the most importantly, DirectX. You can't imagine how hard it is to develop a video game both for DirectX 9 and DirectX 11.

What's the primary purpose of PCs?

When PlayStation 3 was released for the first time, Sony wanted to give users an alternative against PC and released the first PlayStations with an operating system (Linux). But PS3 owners didn't show interest in this feature and now there is no more Linux feature for PlayStation 3. Whatever "technology titans" do to present their product, there is a common belief of consumers; computers are for working, consoles are for playing. Actually there is a thought that lies beneath this belief; "spending money on console games is more reasonable than spending money on PC games". For this reason, most of the time console games are sold more than PC games. I'm not talking about exceptions like World of Warcraft. Especially, console developing studios are making good money with video games that are released for multiple platforms. Gamers just want to have fun, but sometimes developers spend millions of dollars for a game, so they have to act "$$ensitive" and that's why console gaming is getting more popular for them.

Because of all these reasons, console gaming will be more popular in the future, that's for sure. Soon, PC gamers may need to change their preferences of gaming.


  1. Hi dude , glad I found your blog looks wicked keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Simon. I'm glad you liked the article and blog :)