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Thursday, November 22, 2012

20 Worst Video Games That You Need To Stay Away

So many games are designed and released each year but some of them are like a disaster! There are some games that you have to think again before buying it. Here is a list of them.

quantum theory
20-Quantum Theory

Developer : Team Tachyon

This game is ugly, very ugly! All places that you see in the game make you throw up. Already doing the same things constantly is nauseous. At least I expect to see good designed enemies but no. I'm talkin to you Team Tachyon: Hold hands and confess; you played Gears of War and said "Wow, not bad. Let's design the same game!". I'm sure some players still see the awful AI of this game in their nightmares.


Developer :
Blue Omega Entertainment

I wonder how many people in Codemasters played this game before releasing it? You will put your name and logo on it, why don't you think twice? I have never seen such a bad texture and graphic in a game since millenium. Ok forget about graphics but gameplay is awful too. When you see this game in a place, just run!

prison break game
 18-Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Developer :

Prison Break TV series was very successful on TV, so developers from ZootFly wanted to take advantage of this success and thay said "Let's develop a Prison Break game!". They remembered hiding and killing enemies is so much fun and they decided to design a stealh action game. But they forgot developing the AI. Also camera angles and fighting mechanics are awful. This game really makes you mad.


Developer : Creative Assembly

I can not stand games with bugs. And this game is full of bugs. There is no AI in the game. When you try to send your men to a point in the map, they are getting out of your control. If you want to develop a real time strategy game, you have to calculate a lot of parameters and other things. It's hard to believe that this game came from developers of Total War series.

NCIS game

Developer : Ubisoft

NCIS is maybe one of the worst video games of 2011. Nothing seems right in the game, nothing. I don't even want to talk about graphics. I wish this game was never designed. I heard that they make prisoners play this game to torture them.

shellshock 2
15-ShellShock 2: Blood Trails

Developer : Rebellion

Quake III: Arena was released 10 years ago. It has a multiplayer mode but this game doesn't. Developing a game that doesn't have a multiplayer mode in the year of 2009 is unacceptable. Ok let's forget about multiplayer, but story mode is also not enough to please you. Also game's AI is.. Wait a minute, did I say AI? Sorry i forgot to tell you, there is no AI in the game! ShellShock 2 really deserves to be in this list.

Thor game
14-Thor: God of Thunder

Developer : Liquid Entertainment

This article is not about what Thor game has, it's about what it doesn't have. There is no scenario, no AI, no good graphic, no control, no camera angle, no fighting mechanic and no concept in the game. Bravo! You have to work hard to develop a game this bad. This game is the death of Thor.

crash time 5 undercover
 13-Crash Time 5: Undercover

Developer : Synetic

Crash Time 5 is a fresh game. We are not in an open world as we were in previous game. This time it's an ordinary racing game. Graphics are average but it doesn't have a multiplayer mode. Simply, Crash Time 5 is not fun.


Developer : Saber Interactive

I wonder what Saber Interactive did to Namco Bandai to make them accept this game. This game is boring! I did the same thing through the entire game. You are a cop and suddenly you find yourself in an alien invasion. These aliens kidnap your daughter and your journey to find her begins here. Very original, isn't it?

Leisure suit larry
11-Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Developer : Team 17

Larry character has a special place in game history. He made most of us laugh and have fun. But I think he is old now and he needs to retire. Team 17, please keep developing Worms games and stay away from my womanizer Larry!

vampire rain altered species
10-Vampire Rain: Altered Species

Developer : Artoon

Imagine an empty place which is very dark. Then think about somebody who walks around senseless with awful graphics. This is Vampire Rain: Altered Species. If you want to jump and climb somewhere, you need to jump 2-3 times. Boring dialogues, bad videos and story line and awful conrols. This game has everything you don't want.

fighters uncaged
9-Fighters Uncaged

Developer : AMA Studios

Game characters are controlled with body movements by using Kinect. But Fighter Uncaged's controls are very bad. Fighting is very hard with that controls. I think AMA Studios developers didn't play the game before releasing it.

man in black alien crisis
8-Man in Black: Alien Crisis

Developer : Fun Labs

Some games have linear gameplay but good graphics. This situation is acceptable sometimes. But MIB: Alien Crisis doesn't have neither of them. We control an agent in the game called "Agent P" who is actually a carbon copy of Agent J(Will Smith). You will control him, if you can. Because controls are bad, controls are ugly, controls are...

the expendables 2 videgame
 7-The Expendables 2 Videogame

Developer : ZootFly

As a The Expendables movie fan, I couldn't enjoy this game. I think movie was successful with action idols of the past years like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I can't say the same thing for the game.

harry potter and the deadly hollows
6-Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

Developer : EA Bright Light

If you think that all kinds of Harry Potter stuff are sold, you are wrong. Gamers are very selective. Both of the Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows games have a linear gameplay and this is very annoying. Killing non-stop coming enemies and continuing thıs way is boring. This 5 hours long game did't make me enjoy.

steel battalion
5-Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Developer : From Software

Steel Battalion takes place in 2082 and we control a soldier with Kinect. But Kinect performance was terrible. I hope From Software doesn't design a game that uses Kinect again.

pimp my ride game

4-Pimp My Ride

Developer : Eutechnyx

Pimp My Ride is one of my favorite TV shows. But this game is not what I expected. There is nothing much to say about the game. Just keep watching the TV show and stay away from this game.


Developer : VectorCell

AMY's developers are actually Flashback's developers. Year is 2034, Silver City. Gate of the Hell opens and demons and infected people chase Lana. Lana meets an autistic girl and after that everything gets messy. When you read that it looks interesting but believe me it's not.

2-Bomberman: Act Zero

Developer : Hudson Soft

Bomberman! It was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. In 1986, Hudson Soft created the first Bomberman game and 20 years later they were back with a new Bomberman game. But bad graphics, terrible game design and other things made Bomberman: Act Zero one of the worst video games of the 2006.

postal 3
1-Postal III

Developer : Akella

How long can you stand repulsive graphics and bad humor? This is an irritating, nerve-wracking game. Linear gameplay, enemies without AI and much more. This game is a disgrace to the Postal series.

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