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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do Online Games Have Benefits?

Do you play online games? I think every gamer has played an online game for once. According to the studies, %25 of gamers visit online game sites. Also these gamers are not only male players. There are gamers from all sexes and ages. So some players spend most of their free times by playing online games. But do online video games have positive effects on us? What are the benefits of video games and online gaming?

Socializing : The most important benefit of online games is social interaction. Popular online games have gamers from all over the world. So online games are good for meeting new people. Even you can find friends from other countries. Players learn how to establish a relationship and maintain it. For most of online games, teamwork is very important and that allows you to be part of a team. Helping people for missions or other things affects our behaviors and this way we learn helping people in our daily lives.

Also there is a competition atmosphere in that games and I think this is good. Because in my opinion, there should be a little competition in our lives. This competition help us to be successful. Just like EA Games said, "Challange everything!".
Online games offers you to stay in touch with your existing relationships. You can challenge your friends and family in a game while talking about the day and other things in your life.

Memory Boosting : Another benefit of online gaming is about cognitive skills development. Online games help you to improve your memory. You will have some problems while playing and you will try everything to solve them. This way your problem solving techniques will improve. According to the studies, spending time in these games helps adult gamers to treat dementia and forgetfulness.

Finally, I want to mention of eye-hand coordination. Generally, gaming is about using your hand and eyes well coordinated. Players who started playing games at an early age have a good hand-eye coordination. They have rapid decision-making skills and this is an advantage for their daily lives.

If you like playing online games, just play. They have positive effects on our lives. But remember, do not put it in the center of your life. There are more important things to do in our lives before playing online games, do them first.

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