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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WORMS REVOLUTION Review: Supersheep is back!

worms revolution
Genre : Strategy
Developer : Team 17
Publisher : Team 17
Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Web :

Where is my bazooka

I have played Worms series with pleasure since the release of the first game. Especially playing it with friends, giving your worms funny names and killing each other's worms are so much fun. But after developers had stepped into the 3D world, series' success began to go down. Fortunately developers were aware of the danger and they decided to develop a new 3D Worms game with old Worms game design.

When I first played Worms Revolution I said "This is it!". That was the Worms game which I've been looking for. At the first day that I bought the game,I spent my 19 hours in front of the PC. Worms Revolution has 32 campaign and 20 puzzle levels. You have to complete 8 tutorial levels before starting campaign mode. After you complete these tutorial levels, you are ready start 32 levels of campaign. You are briefed by a funny speech to tell you what to do before starting the game.

worms revolution banana
Game looks like 3D while it is 2D

The biggest "revolution" for the game is worm classes which are Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Let's have a look at these classes;

soldier worm
The Soldier

Actually this class is the same as our classic worms.

scout worm
The Scout

This worm class is very agile and fast. They can jump high places. Even sometimes they can jump higher than you want and this cause falling down to the water.

scientist worm
    The Scientist

 These worms have big brains and they are able to create machine guns, explosives and other useful stuff with equipments that can be found aroundthe map. Also they have an ability to give teammates +5 health points.

heavy worm
The Heavy

 Heavy is our fat worm in the game, so these worms are not able to go through tight places and jump high places. Despite this, Heavy worms have more health points.

Using these classes against your opponents in multiplayer mod is so much fun. You should choose your worms carefully in multiplayer mods which consist of Deathmatch, Forts and Classic. I forgot the number of asses that I kicked with heavy class. Also you can change your worms' clothes and accessories. Fighting with a worm that wears a Michael Jackson hat is fun.

New game, old rules, same worms

Worms Revolution has the same game mechanics as the other Worms games. You have a time limit for every worm and your mission is to kill all enemy worms. This time you can use water as a weapon. Using your water pistol on enemy worms and make them stay in the water is very effective. While they stay in the water,
they lose health points. Also you can use this pistol to make them slide an fall into the deep water. This way you can kill them instantly.
Telekinesis is another new weapon. You can use it to move objects and build bridges. We have the weapons like old woman, sheep, baseball bat as in old games. But bazooka is still my favourite.

The environment is destructible again and you have to use different strategies with using the environment to kill enemy worms. For example, you can blow up a place that filled with water to make them drown. Especially in puzzle mod, you will need to use environment and believe me some of the puzzle levels are extremely hard.

worms accessories
They don't look as cool as in this picture when they die.

Lastly, in my opinion Team 17 developers did their best by mixing the old game concept with 3D game style. Also moving background with rats, crocodiles and other objects makes game's atmosphere very dynamic. This way game looks like 3D while it is 2D.
Worms Revolution is very successful about giving you the same taste of old Worms games.

Pozitive :
  • Worm classes
  • Multiplayer mode and gameplay are so much fun 
Negative :
  • There should be more game modes other than puzzle 

SCORE :  8,5/10

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