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Sunday, November 25, 2012

COMPANY of HEROES 2 Preview: Second Round in World War 2

company of heroes 2
Genre : Strategy

Developer : Relic Entertainment

Publisher : THQ

Platform : PC

Web :

Release Date : 2013

For Mother Russia!

Company of Heroes was one of the best strategy games in universe. I did't heard any bad comment about the game from peaople who had played it. After I had played it, i always hoped for a second game. And good news came from THQ recently, we learned that Company of Heroes 2 is on the way!

Game takes place in east side of the war and this time we will control Soviet forces. Russians have a very different army from Americans and Germans. Russian conscript unit takes the most attention. They are civillians who are forced to fight. They are not good at fighting but they are effective to stop bullets.
Actually there is a point that conscript units are better at. If one of your units lost some soldiers, conscript unit can restore the number of soldiers in that unit. So this unit will be cheap and effective, i think they will be the units that we will use most.

company of heroes 2 battle
Snow plays a big role in the game.

Maxim machine gun units are a little slow and their aim is not so well but their damage is high. Katyushas launch rockets that can't hit the target most of the time. But they can launch them long distances and enemies don't understand what's happening. Russians have many tanks and these tanks look like a mixture of German and American tanks.

Besides this units, there are some other important changes for the game. One of them is "True Sight" mechanic. What does True Sight mean? Let me Explain. Your soldiers are not able to see 360 degree field any more. They won't see enemies that turned invisible by buildings, smoke grenades and cover items. So line of sight plays a big role here.

company of heroes 2 flamethrower
Let the fireworks begin!

Another change for the game is about resource collecting. In the first game, you captured specific resource points which have fuel, ammo, etc. And we were able to understand what our enemies up to. This time Relic gives you an option to choose what resource you want or you need. Company of Heroes 2 will leave it to us to decide which resources are more important. So it will be harder to know what your enemies might be gearing up to.
Also ways for capturing points have been changed for the game. You have to order your squad to capture a point like you did in the first game. But this time they can capture this points just by sitting within a small radius of a point. So your squad won't be disadvantaged when they are ordered to take a point.

I think Company of Heroes 2 will be a quality game as the first game. Company of Heroes 2's release date is 2013 but THQ have some financial problems and this situation might affect the release date. There is only PC version of the game for now and I can not wait for it!

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