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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BULLET RUN Review: Is it worth a try?

bullet run online
Genre :  Free2Play MMOFPS

Developer :  ACONY Games

Publisher :  Sony Online Entertainment

Platform :  PC

Web :

You can not run from the bullet

Have you ever imagine about people who have different, colorful and absurd clothes and hair styles and killing each other? If you haven't, Bullet Run is the game you have to try! It promises fun with a non-stop action. Bullet run is a game that you can die anytime by a bullet to the head. You will know what I'm talking about when you enter the game. In spite of this caos, Bullet Run has a smooth and easy game style. Let's start from the beginning. Everything you need to know about the game is in this article.

bullet run action

Lights, Camera, Action!

First of all, you can download the game from its web site for FREE. After that, you need to sign up and you are ready for action. You will see a character creation screen when you first enter the game. We have a very detailed character creation options here and this feature affects the game. You will notice that when you join a match. Because everybody has a different and funny look. You can change your character's age, shape of face, color and much more. There are a lot of equipment you can have too. Imagine an enemy who wears a Jason mask from 13th Friday! Also you can change your hair style and paint your face.

Lets talk about general features of the game. Bullet Run is a classic MMO FPS game which has Death Match and Domination game styles. In Death Match, you have to kill your opponents with your teammates in a chosen map. It's the same with Free for All or Annihilation game styles. But Domination is different. In domination mod, you have to defend and attack an area. I mean you have to defend your area in the first round, but next round it's attacking time. This time you have to conquer this area.

The most interesting thing about the game is a speaker! Yes, there is a speaker in the game and he tell every action during the match like a football speaker. If you look carefully, you can see cameras around the map. So Bullet Run is actually like a reality TV show. It's like a death show that records every shootout and death and show them over the internet live. And you are the star of this show.

bullet run character

Bring the money, get the weapon

Now, lets talk about the most important part, weapons! There are lots of weapons you can have. But wait, not so fast. You are not able to have every weapon that you want. You need to reach the level first that weapon requires to use it. You can gain experience with every match you play. You can have clothes and equipment with this experience points. But if you planning to get o weapon with this points, it's a little different. Let me explain.

You can't buy weapons with your experience points, you have to rent them. Weapons that you rent from market have a time limit. They are not permanent. Bullet Run is a free online first person shooter game but if you want a permanent weapon, you have to pay. If you are not planning to pay, it can be little annoying. Because there will be a lot of players who bought permanent weapons. So that will be an advantage for them and guess what? Yes, you will be disadvantaged and this is very annoying, believe me.

bullet run action

Bullet Run's Got Talent

Like I said before, Bullet Run is like a TV show. So you must please the audience and watchers. Don't worry, there is a good and funny way to do that. When you kill an enemy, "Q" button will be active and if you push it you will taunt and this will fill your special power bar. There are 4 special powers in the game. They are Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 and Tier4. All tiers have 2 different powers like bombardment, sending a spy bug, healing yourself and more. But be careful when you taunt. Because it takes 5-6 seconds, so avoid of
being hit.

What about graphics? Bullet Run is using Unreal Engine 3. I think Unreal Engine 3 is still one of the best graphic engines ever. I really like games which use Unreal Engine 3. So Bullet Run has good graphics for a free online first person shooter game.
Now all you need to do is to close this window immediately and begin the game. If you want to have fun and get into action with a different concept and if you have a credit card with full of money in it, give Bullet Run a chance.

Positive :
  • Non-stop action
  • Different concept
  • Variety of equipments and character customization

Negative :
  • Graphics are not enough to please everyone
  • If you planning to play it without a credit card, think again

SCORE : 7/10

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