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Friday, November 23, 2012

BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition: Start saving money

bioshock infinite ultimate songbird edition
I have news about BioShock Infinite. Actually game's release date was August but it delayed to February 26. Also last month 2 important names of Irrational Games have left the company. In a manner of speaking there is nobody left in the company.

Let's talk about the interesting part. Two kinds of special versions of the game will be released and some players have already started to save money for them. One of them is Ultimate Songbird Edition which contains the statue of the game's big enemy bird that will chase us.
This edition will be 150$. Yes I know, a little expensive but I think it's worth it. This statue is designed by Robb Waters who designed BioShock's Little Sister. I think it's an artwork that you would want in your room. Also this edition has a 64-page artbook, a 25mm Handyman figurine, a propaganda poster lithograph, 7.5cm Murder of Crows bottle keychain and games's digital soundtrack. This edition will also include three in-game items:
  • Bull Rush : You will be able to strike your enemies down with this power when you melee.
  • Extra! Extra! : You will be able to earn money from collecting audio logs.
  • Betrayer : Your enemies will explode upon death.
If you buy the Xbox 360 version, you get Booker and Elizabeth avatar costumes and PlayStation 3 players get BioShock Infinite Themes.
The other version is standard "Special Edition" and it will include everything but the Songbird statue and it will cost 80$. An amazing statue with a price of 70$? Maybe...

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