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Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Useful Tips To Make Online Games Run Faster On PC

With the development of internet connection over the world, online gaming became an important part of the game industry. There are a lot of free online PC games you can find. But sometimes only a PC is not enough to play that games. Because online games often come with some technology problems.
First of all, if you don't have a fast internet connection, playing games online can be just an imagination. Playing online games with a poor internet connection is very annoying, that's for sure.

world of warcraft

So what can we do about that? How can we play online games faster? Fortunately, there are some solutions to fix this. Here is a list of them. I hope you find these informations useful;

  1. Internet Connection : Think about an exciting online game. You are in the middle of the game and then suddenly internet connection is lost. Very annoying, isn't it? To avoid such a situation, you should use a wired connection. Wireless internet connection is very risky for online gaming. If signal weakens, this will be a serius problem and you might get kicked out of the game because of lag.
  2. Firewall : Firewall on your computer can be a problem for online games if it's sensitive. There is a simple solution for that. Just turn your firewall off before entering the game, that's it. Or you can create an exception for the game. But don't forget to switch the firewall back to its previous settings after you quit the game.
  3. Browser : You can play some games over the internet browser. But some browsers might be incompatible with that browser-based games. So just try a different browser and connect the game this way. There are popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. If game gives you an error, try an alternative browser to see if it makes a difference.
  4. Other Applications : No matter it's an online game or not, do not open any other application but the game! If you open multiple applications, your computer will work harder and this might slow the games' performances. Especially with the improving technology, some new games use a lot of computer's memory resources, so opening other applications with that games will seriously decrease your gaming experience.
  5. Hardware Upgrading : I know this is the expensive way but believe me, sometimes there is nothing to do other than that. If you have some money saved in your piggy bank, don't think and buy a latest graphic card to boost your computer's performance. Don't forget, a graphic card with high video RAM capability means a faster gameplay. Because sometimes just a fast internet connection is not a solution. Upgrade your graphic card before getting kicked out of the game because of lagging.

Also your computer could run slow because of some registry problems. I found a program to fix that problems and optimize your PC. It's very useful and it works great! Every program that you uninstall from your computer actually leaves some "waste" data in your hard disk drive. These datas slow your computer's performance. That program is what you exectly need here. It's very easy to use. It does a registry clean up and optimize your PC for the best performance. I highly recommend it and will write a review about it soon.

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