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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Free Downloadable Games: Part 5

Maldita Castilla


ghosts & goblinsDo you know Ghosts & Goblins? Because Maldita Castilla is like a fraternal twin of that retro game. It looks like an old school arcade game from 80's but it really manages to give you what other many indie games don't - variety. Every level brings you new things and gameplay. Like I said before, Maldita Castilla looks like an old game but when it comes to the controls and gameplay, it makes you feel like playing a modern game. You will run left and right, throw your knives to the enemies and dodge attacks in the most levels of the game. But this game is though and really challenges you sometimes. Believe me, you will die so many times and here is the worst thing; You are not able to save the game! So you have to finish the game for once and all. Also I really liked the details, environments look wonderful and that makes the game a pleasure to play. Controls are actually ok, but sometimes they are lacking.

Positive : Old style visuals look great. Also there are a lot of secrets to discover.
Negative : Controls are lacking in some areas and it may be difficult for some players.

Three Body Problem


three body problemThree Body Problem is a very simple game. You will take control of a purple box and try to avoid the orange boxes that will be chasing you. Is that all? Yes, that's all but you can't believe how fun such a simple game can be. Game is simple but that orange boxes are not. I wasn't expecting such smart boxes before I started the game. It seems like they know your next move. I was outsmarted a lot of times and that really made me feel dumb. Actually they move in an arch that puts them into your trajectory. So the key point in here is that you should change your path erretically. Best option here is to make them crash into each other. That will change their trajectory and you will be able to move away. I was defeated so many times, so don't feel bad if the same thing happens to you. This free little game is simple but definitely fun.

Positive : Very simple game but also very addictive and fun. You can spend your hours without noticing.
Negative : Doing same thing for hours might be boring after a while.



old school gamesThis game has retro visuals and musics like Maldita Castilla. By the way, both of them were developed by the same developer. Game's controls and levels are very simple, but it's so much fun and addictive. Also it has a score system that makes you challenge yourself for the best score. So what will you do in this game? Your purpose is simple as a part of a Viriax infection; Show mankind who the boss is on Earth! You need to infect all organs and destroy the chip, Nanobot Assembly System, which is the hope of humanity and implemented near the brain. To infect an organ, you must reach the core of it. But that won't be easy. Because If an enemy cell hits you, you will lose energy. If you attack, you will lose energy. And if you move up, guess what? Yes smarty, you will lose energy. So you need to collect the red globules and replenish your energy bar. Also you should think when to move. Simple game but fun.

Positive : Very addictive and fun gameplay. Good choice if you like retro style games.
Negative : Gameplay is a little monotone and could be boring after couple of levels.

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