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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Expectations From DOOM 4

doom 4

It has been years since Doom 4 was announced, but there is still no screenshot or an information about the scenario and also release date is uncertain. Of course id Software gave us some information but gamers have some expectations. So I made a list of these expectations for you. Here are what gamers expect from Doom 4;

A more detailed scenario

All games of the series have a standard scenario mode and the main point of gameplay was about "killing". John Carmack compared the scenarios of video games and porns once :) I think this must be changed. This time scenario will be written by a good writer, Graham Joyce. This means scenario mode could be more detailed. Also don't forget the Easter Eggs. Because finding secrets is fun.

Open world and Earth

In Doom 3, we played the game in small closed areas. Actually that was about graphic engine. Doom 3's engine was an advanced engine for computer systems of that times, so it was only able to work stable in closed areas. Even there was a limitation for the number of the enemies that seen at the same time on screen. For this reason, we couldn't play Doom 3 in open areas. Also another reason was to make gamers feel helpless and scared in closed and dark areas. After that, Carmack developed the Megatexture system and made it possible to develop huge maps, even without any performance issue. That means it's possible to see open areas in Doom 4. It could be a great experience to move in the surface of Mars, without gravity. Also we should be able to play some parts on Earth. For example, being teleported to a ruined city would be good. It's estimated to take place on Earth.

action horror

More light

Doom 3 had good graphics. Lighting and shadow effects were great, but sometimes it could leave gamers in a difficult situation. You had to holster your weapon to use flashlight. It was a factor that make you fear more but it was complained by some gamers. Therefore, id Software said that there will be more light in the new game. At least, we won't play a game as dark as Doom 3.

Co-Op option for story mode

The first Doom game has introduced us online gameplay and people liked it. But Doom 3 didn't has a detailed multiplayer mode because of some technical problems. Things can change in Doom 4. id Software said that Doom 4 will has a better multiplayer features, but this might not be enough. For example, in Xbox version of Doom 3, we were able to play the story mode Co-op. Maybe this mode could be developed for Doom 4 too.

More Metal-Rock music

id Software put some quality musics in the first Doom games. All of them were very good and suitable to the atmosphere and violence. But in Doom 3, we could't hear much music. Ok, the music played in the main menu was great, but we need that kind of musics during the game. It's an action/horror game and the musics should be suitable to the gameplay.

doom 4

Multiplayer with creatures

We can be sure about that some good multiplayer modes are being prepared for Doom 4, but what kind of modes are they? For example, a Deathmatch mode that we can control the creatures could be great. When the first Doom game was released in 1993, it introduced us the Deathmatch mode and rocked the game world. Who knows, fourth game could start a new Deathmatch madness after years. For example, we can control an Imp or Cacodemon and control more powerful creatures as we level up.

Creatures, please don't hide in the cabinets anymore!

In the first games of Doom series, there wasn't any "surprise" enemies, but that was a little different in Doom 3. It could be scary when a creature jump out from a cabinet. But after a while, it could be monotone. Actually it's not a problem for me, but some players have complained about this. id said they would pay attention about it.

action horror game

A Doom 4 game that is developed by original id team :)

After the first Doom game, some names such as Tom Hall, John Romero and American McGee left the id Software. They weren't in the Doom 3's developing team. Because in that time, all of them were working for new projects in different studios. Probably, Doom 4 will be a very good game. But if these names were in the id team, it would be a better game.

What about you? What do you expect from Doom 4?

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