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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Classic Games: Prince of Persia

classic video gameIt was a snowy day. I was at home and bored. Then I decided to go and buy a video game. I was unaware of what would happen in a minute. When I arrived there, everybody was astounded and watching a video game. Of course I got curious and walked a few steps forward to see what they were watching. Then I got shocked. What was that!? There was a man in the game and he was moving like a real person! I said to shop owner that I had wanted to buy this game immediately. He smiled and said that I had needed 1 mb RAM to play this game. At the same day, I persuaded my parents to buy a RAM, and then, I started to play one of the best games of my life.

Let me tell you about the development story of Prince of Persia first. It was 1990 and a programmer, Jordan Mechner, developed a game. Motion Capture was a new technology in that times and he used it in this game for the first time. Results were perfect. The game's character was moving like real man. By the way, Prince's moves are actually the real moves of Mechner's brother that were captured by motion capture technique.

After that, Mechner integrated his amazing game with a good story; Prince prepares to get married with Princess. But there is somebody else who wants Princess for himself, Jaffar the traitorous vizier. Jaffar kidnaps the Princess and puts the Prince in dungeon. Our duty is to escape from dungeon and save the Princess. Story is like "Tales of 1001 Nights".

first prince of persiaPrince of Persia is a platform game which has a little action and much jumping. You try to find your way out of the dungeaon during the game. But of course this is not easy. Dungeons are full of traps such as spikes on the floor, collapsing floors or wall blades. Actually this traps won't be tough for you but timing is very important. Sometimes you need to reach a door before it closes. You need to be fast and careful. If there is a door that doesn't open, you have to touch a stone or something, you must to activate a mechanism.

There are also some troublemaker guards that you need to deal with during the game. It's easy to take them down in the first levels, but after a few levels, they will be able to guard themselves and fight back well. You need to be careful in close combat. Sometimes you might be near to the edge of traps or cliff in a fight and guards will try to push you there. You should get close after hitting them, and then guard yourself from their attacks and strike back. In the following levels, you will face with skeletons but you can't kill them because they are immortal. You have to push them and make them fall from a high place.

You will find some potions to heal yourself during the game. Sometimes you can find larger potion bottles, don't miss them. Because they are good for growing your health bar and you will need that in the following levels. But don't forget, do not drink the green potion because it's a poison. You should explore the environment to find a mechanism that opens a secret place with a health potion in it.

platform gameThere are not variety of places in game. You will generally play in dungeons. But it's not a problem because this game is so much fun and you don't think of it while dealing with traps and guards. You will begin the game without any weapon. First, you have to find your sword. After you find it, real fun begins. But there are not so many moves that you can do with your sword, only attacking and guarding moves. But it makes you feel good to hear the clash of swords.

Maybe the hardest part about the game is that you have to finish the game in 60 minutes and that makes you play fast and without any mistake. You have to spend maximum 1 minutes in a place or you can't finish the game. I was able to finish the first level in 85-90 seconds(that was a record). But it's impossible to finish the following levels that quick. You should't waste your time for unnecessary potions or guards. Actually Prince of Persia is a game that you can become a expert of it as you play. But the final boss, Jaffar, will be a tough opponent for you, that's for sure.

Prince of Persia is an amazing game that was developed by only a single man. Mechner became rich through this game. Because it was sold more than 2 million copies. Today, it's impossible to reach that number for most of the games. Maybe they can reach, but you should consider this, how many people had a computer in 1990? After this success, it was ported to all consoles of that time. For this reason, that was a big success for Prince of Persia.
By the way, do you know which game's developers were inspired of this game? Tomb Raider!

I think there is nothing left to talk about the game. It was a perfect game with its graphics and audio. Every gamer must play this classic video game. Classics never die...

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