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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guide For Video Game Buyers

You want an awesome new released video game, but you can't decide which game to buy? Buying a new video game is an easy job, but choosing the quality one may not be as easy as it looks. If you don't want to waste your money on a poor game, you should research it first. Yes, research. Even an easy looking job such as buying a video game may require a little research. Even though researching takes just a little time, most of the gamers don't spare time for it and spend their money on a poor video game.

So why do you need to research before buying a video game?
Because some games' appearance can be deceptive. Some games look like a cool game, although they are not that cool. But how come a poor game looks like a quality game? Because a well done marketing with some bad reviews could make the game attractive for gamers. But why does a professional reviewer give a false review? First of all, professional reviewers have more than one game to review each month. So maybe he can't spare enough time to test each game. Secondly, everybody has a personal taste, even a professional reviewer. Some people like FPS games, some don't and this may affect the review and the score of the game. In this way, reviewers may not write an objective review. Finally, if a game series' previous games are successful, that could make the reviewer believe that the next one will be good too.

That's why I made a list of things that you should do before buying a video game;

1. Reading reviews : Ok, some reviews may not be objective, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read reviews. Even you should read multiple reviews from different sources. Add +Game is my job to your list too :)
2. User reviews : You should also read user reviews. There are some websites about video games that give you user reviews and scores. Sometimes this scores could be more accurate than professional reviewers'. Because that scores are directly from the players like you.
3. Gameplay videos : I think this is the most important part because watching gameplay videos could give you a lot of ideas about the game. That's why I always give you a gameplay video at the end of the reviews. Actually that videos tell you the most of the things that review wants to tell you. But remember, you shouldn't rely on official trailers. You can find gameplay videos by searching YouTube.
4. Playing demo : If you have opportunity, you should absolutely play the demo. Most of the games, even all games have a demo to play. I can't see a better way to have an idea about the game before buying it.
5. Choosing the right publisher : You don't want to buy a game with full of bugs and a poor customer support, right? So you should buy video games from well known publishers. That doesn't mean it definitely won't be a buggy game. There are a lot of buggy games that were released by well known publishers. But still they are the best option for you.
6. Forums : If you still have doubts about a game that you are planning to buy, then the best thing to do is asking people about it. Forums are the best places for that. Join a forum and ask whatever you want to know.

I hope you find this article useful. I always try to share my opinions about the games I played in reviews. I try to be objective but I'm a human too and of course I have a personal taste about video games. So all you need to do is following the steps above if you don't want to waste your money on a poor game.

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