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Friday, January 4, 2013


planetside 2 review

Genre : MMOFPS

Developer : Sony Online Entertainment

Publisher : Sony Online Entertainment

Platform : PC

Web :

2012 was an interesting year for multiplayer gaming. 5 years ago, it was said that 2012 would be a revolution. It wasn't a revolution for gaming actually, but it's not important. Gamers will just wait a little bit more for new generation. Because everything that happened in 2012 was a preparation for 2013, like Planetside 2.

To be honest, it's really hard to find a quality "Free to Play" game nowadays. You can find some good games, but generally MMO games that you pay to play are more quality and they provide you a better service. At this point, Planetside 2 quenches our thirst of quality Free2Play!

I warn you, visual features could make you cry of happiness.
So what's Planetside 2? We can call it the new version of Planetside that was released by Sony Online Entertainment in 2003. We were very excited when we heard the first news about it in 7th June 2011. But it promised us some great things. Today, we accept a game "successful" that manages to keep only half of its promises. That's why we can accept Planetside 2 a successful game, because it gives us most of the things that it promised.

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS. There are not many MMOFPS games that manage to become popular. But Sony Online Entertainment did a good job. A MMOFPS with "big" maps and a big war that requires a hard work, planning and a big budget. Plus, a new generation graphics and a great physics engine, here it is, Planetside 2!

free to play fps gamesThe first Planetside's story wasn't so detailed. I think Sony Online Entertainment was aware of that, because award winner writer Mark Wolfman has joined the team. They created a detailed chronology but I don't want to talk much about the story because I want you to enjoy the story with atmosphere. But I can say that you will fight for one of the three empires and all of them want to dominate the planet Auraxis that was found 175 years ago. Let's talk about Planetside 2's classes;

Terran Republic : It's one of the main fractions of Earth and they try to protect the laws with their military forces and authoritarian regime. They look like the good guys but don't forget, nothing is what it seems.
New Conglomerate : They are the freedom fighters who fight against Terran Republic. This class includes pirates, industry titans and outcast and they try to break Terran Republic's pressure on Auraxis.
Vanu Sovereignty : They claim that mankind will evolve by the power of ancient technology and that evolution is the only purpose for mankind. They use alien technology and in my opinion, it's the most entertaining class to play.

planetside 2 classesActually you can call it as a MMORPG game because classes are designed great. All classes includes 6 categories; Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Medic, Engineer, Infiltrator and Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit(MAX). All these classes have good equipments to accomplish their duties. Especially choosing the Infiltrator class which can hide, taking the position 100 meter beyond enemy base and hunting all enemies one by one is a fantastic experience. Even if you take a base by yourself, it really makes you feel good.

You can choose different classes while you are in the game, you don't need to worry about that after you create your character. You can choose another one and enjoy. Except the classes and weapons, one of the best features of Planetside 2 is amazing vehicles and changing the course of war with them. There are 5 general vehicles for every empire and they are common for all of them. Also every empire has a special ship and tank. Vanu Sovereignty use a ship named The Scythe and Terrans has a model named Mosquito. At this point, game has a "rock paper scissors" system and I think that's the most important thing that makes the game balanced.

mmofpsI decided to talk about graphics and musics at the end of the review because it's one of the best features of the game. Planetside 2 uses a new engine and it's the only game that uses this engine. Forelight Engine uses nVidia's PyysX API and opens the door for new generation. If you have a good system, I recommend you to play Planetside 2 on the highest settings. Because it's visual features are incredible. Also Forelight Engine will be used for the new generation version of the legend MMORGP, Everquest(Everquest Next). I can say that, Forelight Engine is one of the new generation graphic engines and I'm sure we will play many other games in the next years that are designed with it. That's why I talked about new generation at the beginning of the review, because I think Planetside 2 is a messenger for the next generation.

Planetside 2 is a Free to Play FPS game, but how come this quality game is a free game? Planetside 2 uses "Freemium" model like the most of the free to play games do. There are variety of equipments you can buy. Also you can purchase powerful weapons with your game money that you can earn by playing. That means, money doesn't win in this game.

Planetside 2 is a FREE game that could be liked by players who don't even like FPS games. I'm telling you, this game is awesome. What are you waiting for, get to the Steam now!

Positive :

  • Incredible graphics
  • Big maps with thousands of players
  • Vehicles, weapons, classes, everything!!

Negative :

  • There could be more vehicles
  • The social interaction is not enough

SCORE : 9,2/10

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