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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classic Games: Moonstone

classic video gamesI know this name makes some of you excited. What a game it was! In 1993, a legend video game console, Amiga, was very popular. Everybody was buying Amiga instead of Commodore 64. One day, I bought a magazine about Commodore 64. While turning the pages rapidly, my eyes was caught by a game named "Moonstone". I started to read excitedly and thought it was an interesting game. Next day, I bought the game, fortunately. Why? Let's get back 13 years before and review the game.

Moonstone: A Hard Day's Knight starts with a great demo. After watching it, you see the main menu. It was designed very simple. You start the game by pushing play button, but I recommend you to play the Practice mode and get used to controls. By the way, I also recommend you not to disable the "Gore" option. After selecting your Knight, you will be ready to start the game.

the best games everMoonstone is a turn-based action game and map consists of 4 parts. Knights have a limited moving points per turn. After one's turn is over, you will control others and continue this way. There are caverns on the map and your purpose is to fight the creatures in those caverns and collect the loot. But your main duty is finding the keys to enter the Valley of the Gods. All Knights begin the game in different parts and every part has specific creatures. Let me introduce you to those creatures;

Ratmen : This is the creature which you will face most. There are three different kinds of those creatures. It's easy to kill Ratmen which use sledgehammer and axe, but spear men will cause some trouble. They don't let you get close. If you hit them from sides, they will be cut into two pieces. If you hit them directly on the stomach, they will be drilled.

Balok : It's a lion with a horn. They always run and try to hit you with their horns. Best way to take them down is standing steady and hitting them on the head with a good timing.

Hedgehogs : They attack with their claws. You can kill them easly by hitting downwards. Do not stay under the tree or they hang you with a rope.

Swamp Creatures : In my opinion, they are the most original creatures of the game. Fighting them is so much fun but a little risky. Because they are able to kill you with only a single hit. They jump on you and bury you to the bottom of the swamp. You should stay away when they raise their arms to attack. If they grab you, try to hit them downwards.

Giants : Try not to stay under them. Get close and hit them with your sword. But don't stay in front of them. If you do, they grab you and pull your head off.

Blue Giants : Those guys are tough. They try to smash you with their clubs. Don't froget, always move!

Dragon : You will face the Dragon in following levels. Killing a Dragon is very hard. If you stay in front of it, you will be a shish kebab. If you get too close, you will be eaten. But don't worry, I'll give you a tip. Stay between its feet and hit upwards, this is the best way to kill a Dragon. If you die, you will lose all your keys and some loots.

turn based gamesLet's see the places you will enter;

Cities : There are two cities in the game. One of them is in the swamp area and the other is in the jungle. You can do some different things in these cities.

Healer : You can get healed in exchange for an amount of gold.

Mytral the Mystic : You can upgrade your skills in exchange for an amount of gold. But it's not very useful for me. He is a fraud!!

Tavern : You can gamble in here with dice. Just select the amount of gold and roll the dice.

High Temple : It's the place where you can get magical items.

Merchant : You can buy weapon and armor here.

Tower : The Wizard lives in there. Go there sometimes because he may give you some things. But don't go often or you will turn into a frog and lose all your loot.

Stonehenge : You can have some magical items in this temple and use them to get some different skills. Let's see these skills;
  • Healing Potion : It increases your hit points.
  • Ring of Protection : Adds 20 hit points.
  • Scroll of Hawk : Allows you to fly to a point on the map.
  • Scroll of Protection : If another Knight attacks you, use this scroll and protect yourself.
  • Scroll of Wrym : Allows you to see what other Knights have in their loots.
  • Scroll of Haste : Allows you to move longer in your turn.

moonstoneSometimes two of your enemies will attack you at the same time in Moonstone. Actually it changes according to the moon. A darker moon means tougher enemies. I recommend you to deal with tough enemies at the beginning of the game. You should earn some money and buy the most powerful weapon and armor. If you are lucky, you can find Sword of Sharpness in a cavern or Merchant, it's the most powerful weapon of the game. You can take most of the creatures down with a single hit by using this sword.

Don't forget to use experience points on your skills. You can use them in character screen. You can play Moonstone up to four players and you should really do that, it's so much fun. If you clean all the caverns, you will get access to the Valley of the Gods. When you enter the Valley, Medusa will meet you. You can kill Medusa after a few tries. After killing Medusa, you will get Moonstone, take it to the Stonehenge and watch the ending video.

This game is great and believe me, finishing it for once won't be enough. I play it sometimes even today. I congratulate Rob Anderson, he created an amazing game with a great story. You should add this classic video game to your archives.

Note : Moonstone is maybe one of the 5 best video games ever.

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